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“I’ve spent two years working through generalized anxiety with some up and down improvements via mindfulness and reading anxiety books. Dr. Strong helped me make a huge shift in 2 sessions! I experienced the emotions behind anxiety. Anxiety has diminished and I’m making daily progress towards a better relationship with my feelings. I highly recommend him!” Alex

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I am a licensed registered professional psychotherapist in private practice and I offer Mindfulness Therapy via Skype to help you overcome anxiety, depression and other common psychological-emotional problems using a variety of mindfulness methods that I have developed over the years and that I describe in my book, The Path of Mindfulness Meditation (available on Amazon in paperback and kindle editions).

mindfulness meditation therapy

Most of my clients come to me after trying conventional psychotherapy and counseling and often after trying prescribed antidepressants and anxiety medications, with little benefit. The Mindfulness Therapy approach is a very positive approach that is designed to give you the tools you need to manage your emotions more effectively. Most of my clients see marked improvements after as few as 3-4 online Skype sessions with me once they start applying the methods that I teach.

Do please feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about online mindfulness therapy via Skype and if you would like to schedule a therapy session with me.


Treat the underlying cause of your anxiety and depression. Mindfulness Therapy helps you transform emotional reactivity much faster than conventional “talk therapy” and without the side-effects of medications

Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to control the habitual reactive thinking that feeds your anxiety and depression

Applications of Online Mindfulness Therapy:

Mindfulness Therapy is an Excellent Choice for Healing:

  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety – Mindfulness Therapy is an exceptionally effective treatment for anxiety because it teaches you how to overcome the compulsive blind impulse to become anxious.
  • Online Therapy for Panic Attacks will teach you how to break free from the debilitating effects of panic attacks.
  • Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety – Many of my clients seek help for driving anxiety and phobias. Mindfulness Therapy provides you with the training and methods needed to successfully overcome driving anxiety.
  •  Online Mindfulness Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder – Undo the habitual patterns of reactive thinking and self-defeating beliefs that feed SAD.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Agoraphobia – Mindfulness Therapy is especially effective for agoraphobia, and provides an excellent option if you cannot leave home.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Phobias – Through Mindfulness-based Image Reprocessing coupled with progressive exposure protocols you will learn how to overcome your phobia.
  • Online Mindfulness therapy for OCD – overcoming habitual reactive thinking and behaviors. Learn how to manage intrusive thoughts.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression – Learn how to overcome reactive thinking and develop better self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is One of the most popular methods for Stress Management – by neutralizing Habitual Negative Thinking.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for PTSD is very effective for recovery from PTSD and for recovery from emotional trauma and abuse by teaching you how to develop mindfulness-based compassion and acceptance, which are essential for healing from trauma.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Anger is very effective for anger management by teaching you how to manage and neutralize anger impulses through mindfulness training.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Insomnia has been shown to be very effective for Overcoming Sleep Anxiety & Insomnia by reducing the agitated thinking & worrying of the racing mind that inhibits the natural sleep response.
  • Online Mindfulness Therapy for Addiction can be extremely effective for the treatment of addictions by helping you manage the underlying emotions that cause your addiction as well as teaching you more effective impulse control.
  • Online Marriage Counseling. Learn how to overcome conflict and patterns of emotional reactivity that are so destructive to your personal relationships. Learn how to be at ease with each other and allow love to flourish.
  • As a Spiritual Path, Mindfulness Therapy helps us develop our True Self that lies within, but is kept prisoner by our habitual reactivity (the “Little Self”). Mindfulness practice teaches us how to be more alive, more authentic, more passionate in everything that we do and this brings greater happiness and well-being.

 Learn more about Online Therapy

  • Skype Therapy – I offer individual therapy sessions via Skype. It is important that we can see each other. This improves communication and makes the therapeutic process very much more effective. Therapy via Skype is recommended for anxiety and depression where you want to learn how to manage your emotions more effectively.
  • Talk to a Therapist Online – Every one of my clients tells me how much they prefer online therapy to in-person sessions. It is more convenient and also less intimidating.
  • Online Psychotherapy – Learn more about the mindfulness-based psychotherapy that I specialize in. Also abbreviated as Online Therapy.
  • Online Counseling – Counseling is different than psychotherapy with more of a focus on helping you understand what you can do differently to reduce emotional reactivity.
  • Online CBT – Mindfulness Therapy is a near cousin to cognitive-behavioral therapy but with a greater focus on healing at the emotional level since the power of thoughts is highly dependent on the emotional charge of the thought or belief or memory.

Treat the underlying cause of anxiety and depression

So are you interested in getting started with online therapy? If so simply e-mail me. That’s the first step. Simply send me an email using the contact form and ask any questions you have about online therapy and if it’s suitable for you and we can schedule a session at a time that works for you.

So I’m based in Colorado and I see people through the day. So take that into account when you’re arranging a session with me. So Colorado is Mountain Time and if you’re living on the East Coast it will be Eastern Standard Time, just two hours ahead of me. Or if you’re on the west coast then that will be one hour behind me.

I see people throughout the U.S. and also Canada. But I also have a lot of clients in the UK and Western Europe. And that often works quite well because, of course, it will be evening time for you in Europe, so that doesn’t conflict with your work schedule.

During sessions, which are always through Skype, I will teach you how to work with your emotions using the techniques of mindfulness that I have developed and found very successful over the years. Basically, I’m going to focus on giving you the tools to work with your emotions so that you can break free from chronic anxiety or depression or OCD or even addictions.

The principles are always the same. And that is it’s one of learning how to break free from reactive thinking and how to bring compassion and develop a friendly relationship with those parts of your mind that are suffering.

You have to develop a compassionate relationship with your emotional pain, in order for it to heal effectively, and this is one of the key features of Mindfulness Therapy that I offer. It is a combination of breaking free from reactive thinking and developing a compassionate, friendly relationship with those emotions that are trying to heal within you. It works extremely well when you incorporate these two principles and most of my clients see dramatic changes within three to four sessions, sometimes less. Certainly the first session will give you a very good experience of what to expect and Mindfulness Therapy.

So contact me if you’d like to get started. The the first session is always a trial session, which means that if it doesn’t work for you, if this approach doesn’t feel right, there’s no charge.

It’s basically my intention to provide you with something that works for you and so this is quite different than conventional psychotherapy or counseling. And that’s another point for you to consider. We don’t spend a lot of time talking about family history or even talking about your emotions. Rather we focus on seeing how they work in the mind, we bring mindfulness to examine how they work. What is the mechanism that produces your anxiety or depression. That’s much more relevant than just talking endlessly about your emotions. We have to change the underlying process that causes your anxiety or depression or addiction.

So the main thing is, send me an email. Let’s get started. Let’s schedule that first session so you can see for yourself just how effective Online Mindfulness Therapy can be. Thank you.



Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Online - Psychotherapist Sessions Online for Help with Anxiety & Depression
Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Online

Mindfulness Therapy provides one of the best forms of psychotherapy available for working with anxiety and depression – You can expect to see significant improvements after 3-4 sessions.


Session Times: 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm MST, Boulder, Colorado. Available world-wide. Let me know what days / times work for you and I will check my availability.

STANDARD FEE: $95 / hr or $110 / 90min.

I also offer a sliding scale for people who cannot afford my standard fee.

SLIDING SCALE FEES $65 – $95 / hr.

If you cannot afford my standard fee, I will always try to work with what you can afford. Client selection depends on a number of factors; the most important being your commitment to personal transformation.
Contact me to negotiate a fee that you can afford.

In your email:

  • Tell me more about yourself and how I can help you
  • Tell me what you have tried to date
  • Tell me where you live and what days and times work for you
  • Please confirm that you have Skype and PayPal
  • Let me know what you can realistically afford to pay for your therapy sessions. I will always try to work within your budget
  • I will reply to your email within 24 hrs. Please also reply to my emails promptly


The Goal is Emotional Freedom; The Path is Mindfulness TherapyMindfulness Meditation Therapy - Learn mindfulness meditation online via SkypeIf you want to learn how to manage anxiety and depression without using medications, then this service is for you – Treat the cause not the symptoms

Professional Online Mindfulness Therapist Dr. Peter Strong



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