Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety

Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety & Highway Phobia

This really helped me overcome my driving anxiety

“I have been dealing with highway driving anxiety for about 12 years. I has been truly painful as it has kept me from doing activities I love such as traveling for leisure and work, visiting friends, or doing local exploring. In the past, when getting on the highway I would break out into a sweat instantly and panic; not what anyone should be doing on a highway. For years I have been looking for solutions which I often stopped because I scared that I would have drive on the highway to solve my ‘problem’ and also embarrassed.
I found Dr. Strong’s site via the internet and it has helped me incredibly. He has provided me with mindfulness tips and tools that are practical and have given me the confidence I needed to start driving on the highway. It is truly amazing what happens when you are my kind to yourself, your fears, and learn about your true self. In addition to decreasing my driving anxiety I have noticed that I am translating these learned skills to other areas of my life.
I have my first big road trip coming in a couple of weeks and I am excited for not only journey but also for ones to come in the future.” – Amy, New York

If you are suffering from driving anxiety or phobia, you may find it difficult to go to a therapist’s office for treatment. This online therapy option is offered to make it easier to get the help that you need to overcome your driving anxiety. This service is available throughout the USA and world-wide.

Driving anxiety and highway phobia is actually quite common. I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which I offer online via Skype in which I will teach you very effective methods for reducing your driving anxiety and panic attacks on the road. Most people see dramatic improvements after 3-4 online sessions.

What makes therapy for driving anxiety effective is when you stop fighting or avoiding the anxiety that arises but actually take the time to “sit” with these emotions and make friend with them. You learn how to meditate on your emotions using the mindfulness techniques that I teach. This approach really works!

We also do a lot of imagery work, which is vital. A driving phobia, the fear of driving over bridges and overpasses for example is entirely due to the psychological imagery – the way you see it in your mind. Intense imagery creates intense anxiety. The key is to investigate your emotional imagery and change it. Once you change this automatic imagery you change the anxiety directly. Reprocessing emotional imagery is essential if you have fear of driving after a car accident. You need to change that traumatic imagery directly, and this is something we cover during online therapy sessions.



Does this interest you? Send me an email now. Tell me about yourself and how I can help you. Schedule a trial session via Skype now.

How to Overcome Driving Anxiety through Online Skype Therapy

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I provide online therapy over Skype, especially for treating anxiety. Most of my clients come to me for help with overcoming anxiety, and driving anxiety is one particular form of anxiety that is very, very common and is, of course, a big problem for many people. For example, one of my clients had a fear of bridges, and she was living in Florida, and this, of course, made it very difficult for her to get anywhere since she had to travel over many bridges to get to work.

So, if you are interested in online therapy for driving anxiety, do please go to my website and simply email me and I will explain to you how Mindfulness Therapy works for overcoming fear of driving, highway phobia, or whatever particular form of driving anxiety that you have.

It is really much easier than you might think. Really, the central focus of Mindfulness Therapy that makes it work so well for anxiety is that it works on changing the underlying process that creates the anxiety, and that process is primarily built around imagery, that is, the way you see the emotion in your mind.

This is particularly the case if you are recovering from a car accident, that will have left a traumatic memory image in the mind. That imagery is what creates the anxiety. The imagery gets triggered by external sights and so on: the sight of the road, the place where the accident happened, and so no and so forth, but what causes the anxiety is that internal imagery, the traumatic imagery in this case.

Most people are not aware of their emotional imagery. they are simply aware of what triggers the anxiety and then the experience of the anxiety, but not the “black box” in between.

In Mindfulness Therapy, we focus on opening that black box to look at the actual imagery that creates your anxiety. Once you begin to investigate and know the structure of that imagery then you can produce effective changes in that imagery.

The imagery, remember, is simply formed out of habit, and habit, as you know, thrives on unawareness. The moment you start to bring awareness to that imagery then you can choose how to change that imagery to a form that is less intense and less traumatic and creates less anxiety.

So, this is one part of Mindfulness Therapy, working with internal imagery. There are many other factors as well that really make it such an effective approach. Another key feature, I would say, of Mindfulness Therapy is the idea that we actually learn to develop a friendly relationship with our emotions. This is absolutely crucial, too. The more friendly you are the more your emotions are able to change and heal.

How to Overcome Fear of Driving – Online Therapy

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist and I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of anxiety.

One of the most common forms of anxiety that I encounter is driving anxiety or highway phobia. It is quite surprising how common this is throughout America.

So, the mindfulness approach is particularly effective for all forms of anxiety and particularly driving anxiety because it helps you change the underlying process actually causes anxiety, rather than just treating symptoms.

And with most forms of highway phobia, fear of driving on the highway or freeway, fear of crossing bridges, fear of driving in remote areas, for example. Whatever the type of driving or highway phobia that you are struggling with, there is one key factor to making successful change, and that is to change the underlying imagery of that anxiety.

All emotions are based around internal habitual imagery; it is how you see it in the mind that creates that anxiety or panic attacks, and this is what we need to change, and we do this through the methods of Mindfulness Therapy, which I offer online via Skype. If you would like to learn more, simply email me and I will be happy to answer your questions and schedule a trial Skype therapy session with you.

Most people see quite substantial changes after 3 or 4 sessions. Mindfulness Therapy is very different than traditional “talk therapy”; it’s much more focused on the underlying process that causes anxiety rather than just talking about managing symptoms. This is not enough. You have to change that underlying habit, and that is what driving anxiety is: It is an emotional habit, and habits can be changed, and that’s what we do during Mindfulness Therapy sessions. Very effective indeed.

So, please go to my website and simply email me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and then we can schedule a Skype therapy session for your driving anxiety. Thank you!

How to Get Over Fear of Driving – Online Therapy via Skype

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional mindfulness therapist and I offer online therapy over Skype for anxiety and depression and other emotional problems, including help with overcoming driving anxiety.

Many people experience driving anxiety and fear of driving on highways and similar problems. Sometimes we have problems driving over bridges, for example.

So, if you would like to learn how to get over fear of driving on highways or bridges or any other driving environment, you will find that the mindfulness approach that I teach to be very effective indeed. It’s not talk therapy, rather it’s working on the actual process that creates anxiety itself.

Basically, what is most typical for people is that we set up a strategy of challenges. That is very important. If their is a certain highway that creates the driving anxiety for you then we want to start setting up a schedule of regular challenges where you go and drive that highway, but in a manageable way, in small increments so we build on positive experience; that is of course very important.

But the important thing is that you don’t just do the challenges blindly. You prepare for the challenges by working with the emotions that get triggered.

Typically we would do what we call a Rehearsal Meditation. You actually play through the challenge, driving a particular stretch of highway or crossing a bridge and you look very specifically for the triggers and the emotions that get triggered. Then you will apply mindfulness to work with those emotions to help them resolve themselves, to essentially neutralize that very specific anxiety that gets triggered.

There are several different aspects of Mindfulness Therapy that make this process of neutralizing anxiety very effective. One of them is quite interesting for most people, and that is working with the imagery of the emotion.

All emotions are built around some form of internal psychological imagery, the way you see the emotion in the mind that gives it its strength and power. During mindfulness of the emotion, during mindfulness meditation on the emotion we are actually investigating this imagery. We are looking at the actual mechanism that creates and causes that anxiety.

It is not the highway that causes the anxiety, it’s the internal imagery that is triggered by the experience of the highway, and that’s what causes the anxiety.

The more we get to see this imagery, the more we can change the imagery, and when you change the imagery you will change that anxiety. The more you change the imagery, the more the anxiety resolves itself.

So, a lot of Mindfulness Therapy is focused around changing internal habitual emotional imagery. That is one of the reasons why it is so effective and so direct. Talking about your emotions is often nice, it produces temporary relief. Treating anxiety with medications may provide temporary relief. But nothing will come close to resolving anxiety more than actually investigating the process that creates that anxiety, which is investigating the imagery of the emotion and changing that imagery.

So. this is one thing that I teach during the online therapy sessions, and most people find it quite easy to do, actually. It is quite natural, it’s not outside of your normal experience, it’s just that we never look at our emotions in detail in this way.

So, if you would like to get help with your driving anxiety. If you would like to get over your fear of driving over a bridge or driving on a highway, then contact me and I will be happy to schedule a Skype session with you to start your process of overcoming your driving anxiety. Most people see quite dramatic changes after 3 to 4 sessions.

So, please go to my website and CONTACT ME and let’s schedule a session. Thank you!

Driving phobia treatment online via Skype

We use Mindfulness Therapy combined with Exposure Therapy, and this approach works extremely well.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional online therapist and I specialize in mindfulness therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression, and this also includes online treatment for driving phobia.

Driving phobia is very common, actually, and it can be treated very easily using the techniques of mindfulness therapy that I offer. The most essential thing with driving phobia is to change the way that you relate to your thoughts and anxiety reactions. The most common problem is that when these anxiety producing thoughts or emotional reactions get triggered we simply become completely identified with them. We collapse into those emotions, those thoughts. We become the anxiety and then it takes over and it will then magnify itself and increase and proliferate even more anxiety producing thoughts and emotional reactions. So, to break this cycle of a phobia you have to learn how to form a conscious and non-reactive relationship with those thoughts and emotional reactions.

You do this by cultivating mindfulness. You learn to meditate on your anxiety and on those react to thoughts directly. You learn to develop emotional stillness and independence in relationship to those very thoughts. Most of us try to escape those thoughts and push them that way. But this has a disastrous effect in actually increasing the anxiety.

It’s only when you learn to face your anxiety without reacting that the anxiety can resolve itself, heal and eventually extinguish itself. So, mindfulness therapy is one of the most effective ways of working with intense thoughts and anxiety reactions.

The program that I teach feature in the online therapy sessions is one of establishing a challenge, first of all A particular stretch of road that you have problems with that triggers that driving phobia, that’s the challenge. You will set up a routine of driving down that stretch of road every day, and so allowing yourself to really get access to that underlying anxiety and the thoughts that get triggered. But, we don’t just do this in a blind way. Instead we meditate on the driving challenge before hand. We play through the challenge in our mind, imagining ourselves driving that stretch of road. We look for the anxiety and thought reactions they get treated and the moment we find those reactions we welcome them. We actually develop a friendly and conscious relationship with those thoughts. You see them as visitors, if you like, that arise in the mind. But those visitors who are not the same as your mind. And indeed your True Self is not any of the contents of mind – that’s a very important teaching that we cover in great detail during Mindfulness Therapy.

So you learn by training to be present with those thoughts and emotions without reacting and without becoming identifying with them. So you’re learning to become free from their influence. You are overcoming the habit that causes you to react and produce anxiety or panic attacks. After you have meditated on the driving challenge as best you can, and you really try to just stay present and conscious and practice on the spot, mindfulness greeting of those thoughts and emotional reactions that might arise. But the training that you have established in the meditation before doing the challenge will help you greatly and that training will begin to take hold automatically with practice.

So people usually see quite significant changes after the first three or four weeks of practicing with me using mindfulness to overcome their driving phobia. If you’d like to learn more about the mindfulness approach to treating driving phobia, then please go to my website. Learn more about online treatment for driving anxiety and then simply e-mail and we can schedule a Skype therapy session and I will start teaching you these mindfulness methods straight away, and then you can start putting them into practice between sessions, and each week you’ll find you will get significantly more comfortable with your driving. So, if you’re interested in online treatment for driving phobia, please email me. Thank you.

Driving Anxiety Therapy Online via Skype

Mindfulness meditation on driving anxiety + driving challenges = success in overcoming driving anxiety.
Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist and I offer online therapy via Skype. I also offer online therapy for driving anxiety. Driving anxiety therapy online is a very good option if you want to take more charge of your recovery process. If you want to learn practical methods that you can apply yourself to overcome your driving anxiety.

So the mindfulness techniques that I specialize in are well-tested and have proven very effective so very many people, now, to help them overcome driving anxiety and highway anxiety and other forms of driving phobia.

The method is quite simple. It really involves you designing a challenge which you practice with each day, driving a particular stretch of road. But then preparing for that challenge by meditating on the challenge, playing it through in your mind and looking for the specific and anxiety reactions and the thought reactions that occur. And when you find your anxiety reactions you learn to develop a conscious and also a friendly response to those reactions.

The big problem is that people are not conscious of their habitual reactions. They simply get triggered and they operate unconsciously as a habit. But when you bring mindfulness to the anxiety during your meditation before you go and you challenge then you can begin to break free from that habits and you can begin to dissolve the anxiety before it gets triggers in the challenge. This is the secret to the mindfulness approach to overcoming driving anxiety.

So if you’re interested in learning more about mindfulness approach to overcome driving anxiety, please go to my website. Read more about driving anxiety therapy online, and then simply email me to schedule a Skype therapy session. Most people can expect to see significant improvements and reduction in the level of their driving anxiety after the first three or four sessions with me. So please go to my website, learn more about online therapy for driving anxiety and then contact me to schedule a session via Skype. Thank you.

Overcome Driving Anxiety through Online Mindfulness Therapy

Overcome Driving Anxiety and Phobia – New York, East Coast or anywhere else in the US or abroad.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I provide online therapy for anxiety and depression and other emotional issues including driving anxiety. If you live on the East Coast New York New Jersey, wherever, then you might consider online therapy for your driving anxiety. It works extremely well especially using the mindfulness-based methods that I’ve developed over the last few years.

Mindfulness therapy will teach you how to break the habit of anxiety. We do this by a variety of techniques whereby you rehearse driving that particular stretch of road in your imagination. We look for the emotional reactions that get triggers and then we work on developing a mindful relationship with those fear reactions themselves. When you develop a good mindful relationship with your anxiety that leads to the resolution of that anxiety. So you’ll actually very quickly begin to reverse that habitual fear reaction that you experience on the on the road or the highway or if you’re crossing bridges or whatever form that you’re driving anxiety takes.

Most people that I work with on driving anxiety see dramatic improvements after as few as two to three sessions, once you start applying the mindfulness techniques that I teach. I will give you techniques that you can apply at home between sessions. And that’s the best way of course. So you learn to apply mindfulness to overcome your fear of driving.

If you would like to learn more about online therapy for driving anxiety in New York, New Jersey and the East Coast, or any where else, please go to my website and then send me an e-mail and we can schedule a Skype therapy session at the time that works for you.

I’m based in Colorado so you will be two hours ahead which means that you can schedule an evening session for you which is why I offer this online therapy service for people on the East Coast and beyond. So please go to my website to learn more about mindfulness therapy for anxiety and then simply send me an e-mail and we can get started and you’ll see for yourself just how effective mindfulness can be for overcoming driving anxiety. Thank you.

Overcome Fear of Driving – Online Mindfulness Therapy

Online Therapy Sessions for Overcoming Fear of Driving
Most people will experience a significant reduction in fear of driving after the first few sessions with me. Mindfulness therapy is really effective because it is highly focused on neutralizing the fear reactions.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I specialize in mindfulness therapy for anxiety and that includes fear of driving. If you’d like to learn more about how to overcome fear of driving using mindfulness therapy then please go to my websites and send me an email and I’ll answer any questions you have about how these online therapy sessions can help you overcome your driving anxiety.

The approach using mindfulness is immensely effective and basically I will teach you how to apply mindfulness to overcome your fear of driving, and you can expect to see quite significant results after the first two to three sessions, because I teach you very practical methods that really work on neutralizing that fear reaction.

I see people throughout America, including New York and New Jersey and Florida and the East Coast, where I see a lot of clients who are struggling with overcoming fear of driving. So if you’d like to learn more about this online therapy service, simply go to my website and e-mail me and we can schedule a Skype therapy session to help you overcome your fear of driving on roads or highways or over bridges or any other situations which trigger the habitual fear reaction. There is nothing as good as mindfulness therapy for working with anxiety. So do please go to my website and send me an e-mail and then we can schedule an online therapy session to help you overcome your driving anxiety. Thank you.


Does this interest you? Send me an email now. Tell me about yourself and how I can help you. Schedule a trial session via Skype now.


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