Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety

Online therapy via Skype for overcoming driving anxiety and highway phobia

Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety & Highway Phobia

Read a testimonial from one of my clients in 2018:

This really helped me overcome my driving anxiety…

“I have been dealing with highway driving anxiety for about 12 years. I has been truly painful as it has kept me from doing activities I love such as traveling for leisure and work, visiting friends, or doing local exploring. In the past, when getting on the highway I would break out into a sweat instantly and panic; not what anyone should be doing on a highway.

For years I have been looking for solutions which I often stopped because I scared that I would have drive on the highway to solve my ‘problem’ and also embarrassed.
I found Dr. Strong’s site via the internet and it has helped me incredibly. He has provided me with mindfulness tips and tools that are practical and have given me the confidence I needed to start driving on the highway. It is truly amazing what happens when you are my kind to yourself, your fears, and learn about your true self.

In addition to decreasing my driving anxiety I have noticed that I am translating these learned skills to other areas of my life.
I have my first big road trip coming in a couple of weeks and I am excited for not only journey but also for ones to come in the future.” – Amy, New York

Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety & Highway Phobia

If you are suffering from driving anxiety or phobia, you may find it difficult to go to a therapist’s office for treatment. This online therapy option is offered to make it easier to get the help that you need to overcome your driving anxiety. This service is available throughout the USA and world-wide.


Driving anxiety and highway phobia is actually quite common. I specialize in Mindfulness Therapy, which I offer online via Skype in which I will teach you very effective methods for reducing your driving anxiety and panic attacks on the road. Most people see dramatic improvements after 3-4 online sessions.

What makes therapy for driving anxiety effective is when you stop fighting or avoiding the anxiety that arises but actually take the time to “sit” with these emotions and make friend with them. You learn how to meditate on your emotions using the mindfulness techniques that I teach. This approach really works!

Imaginal Exposure Therapy for Overcoming Driving Anxiety

We also do a lot of imagery work, which is vital. A driving phobia, the fear of driving over bridges and overpasses for example is entirely due to the psychological imagery – the way you see it in your mind. Intense imagery creates intense anxiety. The key is to investigate your emotional imagery and change it. Once you change this automatic imagery you change the anxiety directly. Reprocessing emotional imagery is essential if you have fear of driving after a car accident. You need to change that traumatic imagery directly, and this is something we cover during online therapy sessions.

The best approach for overcoming fear of driving is to set up a series of progressive driving challenges that you will do each day and then train before doing each challenge using mindfulness techniques.

You will play through each challenge in your mind and look for the specific fear reactions and the specific triggers that trigger that anxiety. You then build a conscious and non-fearful relationship with that fear by meditating on it. You want to make friends with that fear, look at it as being like a child or even a small animal that is scared. What will sooth that child or animal? You already know the answer. Now let’s take that same approach to sooth your anxiety. See it as an object in your mind that needs comforting. This approach is really effective when you get the hang of it and overcome your natural aversion to your fear.

It also helps greatly to change the imagery of the anxiety itself. When anxiety is overpowering it is so because its imagery is very large in size. Try shrinking the image down to the size of a mouse or similar small object, and then hold the mouse in your hands. This simple manipulation of emotional imagery can have profound effects in resolving that fear. This is the kind of approach that really works and I will teach you how to do this during our Skype therapy sessions.


Does this interest you? Send me an email now. Tell me about yourself and how I can help you. Schedule a trial session via Skype now.



Does this interest you? Send me an email now. Tell me about yourself and how I can help you. Schedule a trial session via Skype now.

Online therapy via Skype for overcoming driving anxiety and highway phobia
Online therapy via Skype for overcoming driving anxiety and highway phobia


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2 thoughts on “Online Therapy for Driving Anxiety”

  1. Hello I am a single mother trying to overcome my highway and bridge phobia that is limiting my life. I cry a lot because of how I have let this shit consume me. I will be honest, I work 1 day a week and do school the rest. I have been looking in multiple different websites for the cheapest deal. How much and what is the lowest you would be willing to work with me in. I know my anxiety stems my by abusive ex of 10 years who was a narcissist selfish person. Thank you for your help.


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