Online therapist to treat agoraphobia

Overcome agoraphobia through Online Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy via Skype.

See an online therapist for help overcoming agoraphobia.

I will help you through the process and you will see significant improvements after each Mindfulness Therapy session.

Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to work with your anxiety to promote healing and recovery instead of becoming continually overwhelmed.

The key is to develop a strong conscious relationship with your anxiety and anxiety-producing thoughts based on mindfulness and compassion. This relationship is what promotes healing and recovery.

Online therapist for agoraphobia

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Online Help for Agoraphobia by Skype

Online Mindfulness Psychotherapist for Stopping Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder without relying on medications

Speak with a Psychotherapist Online over Skype for highly effective online help and counseling for overcoming Agoraphobia, Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Social Anxiety

If you want to recover completely from agoraphobia you must treat the underlying habitual anxiety reactions.

Anti-anxiety medications don’t address this. Medications only provide a tempry relief from anxiety symptoms, but do nothing to change the underlying psychological cause of your anxiety.

During Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy (Mindfulness Therapy) we work on healing these habitual reactions directly at the psychological level. This approach is very effective and most people see significant improvements after 3-4 Skype sessions.

Online therapy is very effective as long as you use Skype, FaceTime or Zoom so that you can see each other. Being able to see each other is essential for good communication and good psychotherapy.

Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy for Agoraphobia

Working with Inner Imagery – The secret to healing Agoraphobia

Internally, every emotion is structured around imagery – inner pictorial representations that resonate with the emotion. For example, anger is usually associate with the color red and anger is structured around imagery that is red in color and probably hot as well.

We can learn about the structure of our inner imagery by observing our emotions with mindfulness. From what we learn, we can intuitively see what changes in the imagery might be helpful. Change the imagery and you change the structure of the emotion.

People with agoraphobia typically have a great deal of inner imagery, very often based on the feeling of emptiness, an inner void or black hole that threatens to swallow up everything.

Discovering the structure of this imagery provides a very powerful tool for changing the intensity of the anxiety underlying agoraphobia. This approach is one of the most effective treatment for agoraphobia and was pioneered by Dr. Strong in the 1980s.

Email me to learn more about this online psychotherapy service and schedule an online therapy session with me. Inquiries welcome!

Everyone that I have worked with really likes the mindfulness approach that I teach for healing emotional suffering…

“Beyond healing the anxiety, my whole inner landscape is changing. I’m learning that the self-criticism, shame and doubt I have been stuck in for so long can all be met with compassionate awareness and brought to resolution. I’m starting to feel the joy Peter talks about and a real tenderness toward myself and others.”


Agoraphobia Help from Home – Online Mindfulness Therapy

Online Treatment for Agoraphobia without using drugs

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist and I offer mindfulness based online therapy for agoraphobic anxiety and panic attacks. The mindfulness approach is extremely effective and during online therapy sessions I will teach you how to work with your agoraphobic anxiety using the techniques of mindfulness to help you prevent your becoming overwhelmed by the anxiety reactions.

We do this by actually meditating on our anxiety before we do any challenges. Meditating helps to change the relationship that you have with your anxiety and this is absolutely essential, because the biggest problem that I encounter is that people suffering from anxiety tend to become identified with their emotions. They tend to become consumed by their emotions. They effectively lose their identity and become the emotions and this creates a very reactive place that is very difficult to escape from. So with mindfulness training you can change this pattern and learn to develop a relationship with your anxiety whereby you do not become identified with it where you can see the anxiety as an observer.

This is essential for change. Once you begin to do this the rate of recovery from agoraphobic anxiety and panic attacks increases dramatically, and most people will see quite substantial changes after only four or five sessions with me once they start applying the mindfulness-based techniques.

So the basic idea is that you will schedule sessions with me and we will work on setting up a series of challenges that you can manage and then you prepare for these challenges using mindfulness meditation. You do that challenge and you meditate on any anxiety that arose during that challenge. And each time we learn a little more about how to change our relationship to our anxiety so that we basically break free from the habit of identification and becoming overwhelmed by it. And this approach is, from my experience, the most effective there is for overcoming agoraphobic anxiety. So if you’d like to get started with me simply go to my website and then email me to schedule a Skype therapy session with me. Thank you.


Online Help for Agoraphobia via Skype

Email me to schedule a Skype therapy session with Dr. Peter Strong, specialist in online mindfulness therapy for anxiety and depression.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness therapy, and I provide online help for agoraphobia. Many people suffering from agoraphobia find it very difficult to leave home or leave a secure area where they feel comfortable and so the online therapy option is very convenient and sometimes essential.

So I’ve been offering online help for people suffering from agoraphobia for about ten years now and it works extremely well. The online therapy sessions are organized via Skype and all you need is an internet connection and we can set up a Skype Therapy session to help you learn how to manage the anxiety and panic attacks associated with your agoraphobia.

During sessions I will teach you a practical mindfulness-based methods of working with agoraphobia that have being well tested and have proved very effective over the last ten years or so that I’ve been offering this service.

The most important thing that you will learn is how to change the way that you relate to your emotions and to your thoughts.

The biggest problem for most people is that as soon as anxiety or fear gets triggered that they become completely overwhelmed by that emotional reaction, and that identification with emotion leads to the proliferation of reactive thinking which then feeds the underlying fear and anxiety. So this produces a perfect storm, essentially, a feedback mechanism that reinforces the fear and prevents it healing and resolving, and this is what we attempt to change during mindfulness therapy sessions for agoraphobia.

If this interests you then please go to my website and learn more about this online therapy service and then contact me and we can schedule a therapy session over Skype to help you overcome your agoraphobia.

So if you’re looking for online help for agoraphobia please go to my website and EMAIL ME.


Online treatment plan for agoraphobia using Mindfulness Therapy

Exposure Therapy is an essential part of the recovery process, but is not sufficient by itself. You have to engage in thorough training before you do each exposure challenge to prevent simply re-traumatizing yourself. Hence the development of Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy, an approach that I developed several years ago and have found to be very effective when working with clients suffering from agoraphobia.

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong. I’m a professional psychotherapist and I offer online therapy, which of course, is very convenient and necessary if you’re suffering from agoraphobia or other anxiety condition that keeps you housebound.

So I’m often asked, “What is the best treatment for agoraphobia?” “What’s the best way to overcome the anxiety and panic attacks that accompany agoraphobia?” From my experience working with people suffering from agoraphobia, over the last ten years or so now, I find that the best approach is what I call Mindfulness Therapy. This is a system of work that I’ve been developing for many years which really works at the underlying core level of your anxiety. It helps you break free from those patterns of habitual reactivity that cause your anxiety. It works by changing the anxiety directly so that it is not habitually triggered by the common triggers that you encounter in your agoraphobia.

We have to uncover these underlying anxiety habits and then work on changing them. And the best way to doing this is what I call Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy. So this means that you actively create a series of exposure challenges. That might be walking around the block or driving a short distance if you can still drive or even just stepping outside the front door. But it doesn’t matter what the challenges are. But it is essential that you identify challenges that are accompanied by a degree of anxiety and then start working on those challenges and training yourself out of the reactive anxiety that has become habitual.

The way that we train ourselves out of the anxiety reactions is not by simply repeated exposure as is often taught. Repeated exposure is very inefficient and you risk intensifying the anxiety.

So in mindfulness-based exposure therapy we prepare for each challenge in a very thorough way before you do the challenge, and this preparation is called a rehearsal meditation. It’s all about training. So in a rehearsal meditation you imagine doing that challenge and then you look specifically for any anxiety that gets triggered. And then you start to work with that anxiety, working with its structure and helping change that anxiety directly.

So if you would like help with your agoraphobia, please contact me and let’s schedule some therapy sessions over Skype and I will teach you exactly how to apply mindfulness to overcome your agoraphobia. So please contact me if you’d like to get started with the mindfulness approach to overcoming your agoraphobia.


Online therapist to treat agoraphobia. Online Mindfulness-based Therapy for agoraphobia.
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