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Find Online Mindfulness Therapy for help with anxiety and depression.

Online Mindfulness Therapy is very effective for the treatment of anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, addiction and for stress management and stress reduction.

Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to work with your thoughts and emotions through the application of mindfulness and compassion.

The main factor that prevents recovery from anxiety and depression and other forms of emotional suffering is the negative internal relationship we have with our thoughts, beliefs and painful emotions, based on aversion and avoidance.

Mindfulness Therapy, which is the practical application of Buddhist psychology, focuses on changing the internal relationship you have with your thoughts and emotions to a relationship based on conscious acceptance, compassion and intuitive wisdom, all of which are considered essential for  recovery from anxiety and depression.

This approach is significantly  different from clasical “talk therapy” and counseling, which may provide temporary relief from acute psychological problems but often does not heal the underlying cause of your suffering.

Online Mindfulness Therapy gives you the tools to promote healing, recovery and wellbeing and most people see dramatic changes after a few online therapy sessions.

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Online Mindfulness-based Therapy for overcoming anxiety and depression

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule Online Therapy with me.

During these sessions I will teach you mindfulness-based methods for promoting recovery from all forms of anxiety disorders, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, persistent depression, and addiction, including alcohol addiction and other emotional problems, by applying the very successful teachings of Mindfulness Therapy.

This approach is remarkably effective and you can expect to see noticeable results after the first 2-3 sessions with me.

Online Mindfulness-based Skype Psychotherapy is highly effective for stopping anxiety and depression without using drugs. It is far better to treat the underlying cause of your emotional pain instead of just suppressing symptoms.

The principle healing factors cultivated during mindfulness-based psychotherapy are Conscious Awareness, which is essential for breaking free from the negative habits that cause emotional suffering, and Inner Compassion, which is what allows healing and resolution of emotional suffering.

“After only three sessions my anxiety had greatly diminished.  After five sessions I am now having days where I feel completely like my old self-again; it is complete Bliss! This teaching truly makes sense on such a spiritual level, I now know I am going to overcome this and am on the path to complete recovery. I am so grateful for finding Peter! Thank-you so much!”


Online help for anxiety and depression – Online Mindfulness-based Therapy

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional mindfulness-based psychotherapist and I offer online therapy via Skype for help with anxiety and depression. If you would like online help for anxiety or depression then please go to my website and learn more about the online therapy service that I offer via Skype.

This service is available worldwide. I’m based in America and most of my clients live in the USA, but I also see clients in Canada and as far away as Western Europe and Australia. If you’re interested in learning how to work with anxiety and depression using mindfulness then please contact me.

Mindfulness is extremely effective for treating anxiety and depression and mindfulness therapy is a process of teach you how to do this, how to Use mindfulness effectively.

We actually learn how to meditate on our anxiety and depression. Learning to meditate on our emotions is a central feature in mindfulness therapy. Generally, we tend to do the opposite. We spend all our time trying to avoid anxiety or depression, even using meditation as a distraction from our emotional pain, trying to get away from the mind in every way we can, and most of us generate internal aversion towards our emotional pain. We don’t like anxiety, we don’t like our depression, we don’t like our loss of control, we don’t like these compulsive drives that seem to ruin our life.

So, really, from a mindfulness perspective, avoidance and aversion are your main enemies and they are the main forms of reactivity that actually feed anxiety and depression and prevent it from healing. So this is why we learn to meditate on our anxiety or depression.

We actually learn to develop a friendly and conscious relationship with our emotions because this is essential for their healing. You cannot overcome anxiety if you try to avoid it, or if you try to avoid situations that might trigger anxiety. That is not recommended. In fact, I will teach you the opposite – you need to face your anxiety. You need to go to those very situations that cause anxiety or trigger anxiety and you need to practice with those situations using mindfulness until you have overcome the anxiety habits, because it is habit that causes our anxiety or our depression and these habits thrive on not being seen, on ignorance, unawareness.

So that’s what we overcome by meditating on our emotions. We actually bring conscious awareness to them and non reactivity to see our emotions very clearly. This is the first part of mindfulness training.

THe second part of mindfulness training is actually interacting with your emotions and helping them change. This is the response of compassion, which is an essential feature of mindfulness.

If you would like to learn more about how to get help for your anxiety or depression online using mindfulness then simply go to my website and learn more about the mindfulness approach to healing anxiety and depression, and then contact me to schedule a therapy session. I have many spaces available and we simply email each other to find the time that works, taking into account your timezone, etc. So if you’d like to learn more about how to use mindfulness to overcome anxiety and depression do please send me an email. Thank you.


Online help for anxiety and depression

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist and I specialize in online therapy that I provide over Skype for the treatment of anxiety and depression and other emotional problems without the use of medications.

This is not a medical treatment. This is a form of psychotherapy called mindfulness therapy that I’ve developed over the years and found to be particularly effective for anxiety and depression. So I’m often asked is online therapy as effective as in person therapy? And the answer is yes it is, certainly.

For the vast majority of people online therapy is just as effective as therapy in person, especially if you use Skype or similar video platform so you can see each other. That’s the key ingredient. You must be able to see each other to really have good communication which is so important for effective psychotherapy. So if you can see each other then in my opinion there is no appreciable difference between online therapy and therapy in the therapist’s office.

Now online therapy does offer some advantages. Clearly it’s more convenient for you the client, because it means you can conduct your therapy sessions from home or from work or even in your car. All you need is a quiet place and a good internet reception and then you can conduct online therapy.

So people like the convenience, and people living in remote areas or for people living abroad, if you’re based in a foreign country, you may not have access to the right kind of psychotherapist. And so online therapy gives you greater options for getting the kind of help that you are looking for from managing emotional problems such as anxiety or depression or addiction.

A lot of people like the greater privacy offered by online therapy. You don’t have to wait in a therapist’s office or similar public environment like that. You can conduct your sessions in the privacy of your own home and that’s a big factor especially if you are struggling with a difficult set of emotions that you might be experiencing such as with depression or with addiction. So that greater level of privacy from your point of view is often just what we’re looking for.

The other advantage of online therapy is that it’s more comfortable for you as well. It’s much less intimidating than the more typical clinical based therapy that’s offered in a psychotherapist’s office setting. From my point of view, my philosophy, is that we want to make psychotherapy as comfortable as possible. It should not be clinical in nature.

I personally do not advocate a medical approach for treating anxiety or depression. Medications may have some value in controlling symptoms but medications will do very little indeed to change the underlying cause of your anxiety or depression or addiction. That requires the right kind of psychological help, working with the underlying habits that cause your anxiety or depression or other emotional problem.

So the style of psychotherapy that I specialize in and find works best for the vast majority of people online is mindfulness therapy. This is a particular system of psychotherapy that I’ve developed over the last ten years or more that really focuses on working with those underlying habits which are primarily based around habitual reactive thinking.

So anxiety and depression are habits. They are learned habits. We are not born with anxiety or depression. We acquire these habits through time and often through trying to cope with emotional trauma in childhood. It’s very common as a common starting point for the anxiety habits of the depression habit. Addiction often flows from that underlying anxiety or depression.

So we work on these habits very, very systematically in a focused way. We learn to dis-identify from the reactive thoughts. We learn to establish a healing relationship with the emotions based on compassion, which is a very important part of mindfulness teaching in general.

So if you’d like to learn more about Skype counseling therapy for anxiety or depression. If you would like to start sessions with me, then reach out to me by email. Simply contact me through my website and we can schedule a Skype counseling session at a time that works for you.


Online Counseling – Mindfulness Counseling Online via Skype

Online Counseling is an excellent choice if you are looking for help with anxiety, depression, addictions or for other emotional problems. Mindfulness Counseling is a particularly good choice because it works by resolving the underlying process that causes emotional distress, rather than just treating symptoms. For this reason, most people see significant changes in a much shorter time than traditional “talk therapy.”

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional Online Counselor. I offer Online Counseling via Skype throughout America, Canada, the UK and Europe.

Many people prefer online counseling these days because of convenience, and because it allows them greater freedom to find the kind of therapist that they want to work with. Sometimes, if you are living in a rural area or if you are living abroad, you may not be able to find a counselor locally who you feel comfortable working with. So, the online option is very convenient, indeed, if you are living in a rural area or if you are living abroad.

The style of online counseling that I provide via Skype is called Mindfulness Therapy, and this is a very effective way of working with anxiety, including panic attacks, social anxiety; and most anxiety disorders respond very well to Mindfulness Therapy.

You can learn much more about my approach by visiting my website and if you are interested in scheduling a session of online counseling, please email me from my website and I will be happy to answer your questions and then we can go ahead and schedule an online counseling session.

You will find this a very effective approach. People greatly enjoy the mindfulness approach for working with emotions. It gives you the skills you need to work with emotions in a way that helps them resolve and it help protect you from becoming overwhelmed by emotions. So mindfulness is now one of the preferred methods for working with anxiety, depression and emotional stress.

So, please visit my website and email me.

The Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy Online with Dr. Peter Strong.
Skype-Based Online Psychotherapy for Anxiety & Depression, Traumatic Stress and PTSD, Addictions, Emotional Abuse Recovery and other Emotional Problems: A convenient and effective Online Counseling Service that you can access from home.


Online Therapy Service with an Online Therapist

Online Counseling and Online Therapy Services for Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia, Depression, Stress, PTSD and Addictions

The Online Mindfulness Therapy Service that I provide is VERY effective for Anxiety and for helping you overcome difficult emotional reactions and those negative emotional habits that keep us stuck. Most people see tremendous benefits after as few as 3-4 sessions.

The Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy Online with Dr. Peter Strong. Skype-Based Online Psychotherapy for Anxiety and Depression, Traumatic Stress and PTSD, Addictions, Emotional Abuse Recovery and other Emotional Problems: A convenient and effective Online Counseling Service.

Many people prefer the convenience of an online counseling therapy service – it is certainly more convenient than in-person counseling sessions. Online Therapy is also a good choice if you are struggling with recovery from an addiction. Again, online therapy sessions are more private and less intimidating for most people.


Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional Online Psychotherapist. I provide an Online Counseling Service and an Online Therapy Service to people throughout the United States and Canada, and also abroad in the UK and Europe. The style of therapy that I offer online is called Mindfulness Therapy, and this works particularly well for anxiety disorders, including agoraphobia or social anxiety, as well as depression and emotional stress. I also provide an Online Counseling Service for Addictions and other forms of problematic emotional habits that you may be struggling with.

So, please, head on over to my website and learn more about this Online Therapy Service, and I hope that you will contact me and ask your questions and let’s go ahead and schedule a Skype Therapy session. There is no charge if you do not like the Skype Therapy session, but most people are delighted by this service and they like the mindfulness therapy approach that I specialize in and find it very much more effective than many of the older styles of talking therapy. So, any case, head on over to my website and contact me. Thank you!


Online Counseling Therapy Service via Skype

Learn practical mindfulness methods to help you break free from anxiety and depression.

Get help from a Psychotherapist Online over Skype for highly effective online mindfulness therapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, OCD and intrusive thoughts, Addictions, including eating disorders, Post Traumatic Disorder (PTSD) and emotional trauma or any other emotional problems that do not require treatment by a medical professional. Email me to learn more about this online therapy service and to arrange for a Skype therapy session with me.

Best Online Therapy Sites using Skype

There are now many online therapy sites to choose from that are offering some form of counseling or coaching or psychotherapy. The online therapy option is, of course, very convenient for people because it means that you can conduct your therapy session from the comfort of your home or your office or wherever you are, and you can have a therapy session with your therapist at a time that is convenient for you.

If you are living abroad, then, of course, working through some online therapy service is going to be very convenient indeed. So, it’s certainly worth considering, looking at various online therapy websites to find one that serves you best. They are very different in quality, some are basically just directories that will put you in touch with a therapist, and others are really high quality, offering you really effective help for managing whatever emotional difficulties you are experiencing.

During the online therapy sessions that I offer I will be helping you learn much more effective ways of managing anxiety and depression using the very practical methods of Mindfulness Therapy, which I developed some years ago, now.

These techniques of Mindfulness Therapy are designed to help you change the actual process that creates anxiety and depression. This is quite different than conventional talk therapy, or counseling. I want to help you break free from those underlying psychological habits that cause your anxiety or depression or addiction.

We do this by focusing on changing the way that you relate to your emotions. This the most important first step in Mindfulness Therapy. Most of the time we are simply overwhelmed by our emotions. We are not aware of our emotional habits and whenever they get triggered we simply become identified with our emotions or thoughts or beliefs, and then we act them out. It’s an automatic process that gets triggered and this is what we aim to change during our online mindfulness therapy sessions.

I will teach you how to become more aware of these emotional habits and how to break free from them through changing your relationship to your emotional habits. The trick is to see them as basically objects that arise in your mind, without becoming identified with them.

Just because a habit gets triggered does not mean that we have to become that emotion or that thought. We can see the thought or the emotion as an object. We can observe the emotion or thought without becoming identified with it, without becoming controlled by the emotion or thoughts that arise.

So, this is learning to develop what is sometime called emotional tolerance or, what I call, gaining independence from the content of mind. You can learn to observe the contents of mind without becoming identified with them.

This is a very important step that we learn during mindfulness therapy sessions, because when you can become independent from your thoughts and emotions, then you create a space in which you can begin to change those thoughts and emotional habits. You can begin to change them and effectively neutralize them through developing more conscious awareness and choice.

So, this is one aspect of Mindfulness Therapy. If you would like to learn more about how to overcome difficult emotions, please go to my website, the link is below, and email me and then we can schedule a Skype therapy session. Thank you!


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