Online Therapist for Agoraphobia

Online Mindfulness Therapist for Controlling Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder without relying on medications


Speak with a Psychotherapist Online over Skype for highly effective online psychotherapy for Anxiety and Depression, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia.

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Online Therapy for Agoraphobia & Social Anxiety Disorder without medication

If you are suffering from social anxiety, also know as social phobia or agoraphobia, which is the more extreme form of social anxiety disorder, then you know how challenging it can be to find a therapist to work with. The challenge of leaving the security of your home to attend your therapy session may be too difficult for you to contemplate. This is why I provide online therapy for social anxiety disorders.

If you would like to learn more about Online Therapy sessions for Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder, please visit my website and contact me.

The style of therapy that I provide for anxiety is called Mindfulness Therapy, which teaches you specific ways of working with your emotions so that you do not become overwhelmed by them. You can learn much more about this approach by visiting my website.


In home counseling for social anxiety and agoraphobia – Get the help you need without having to leave home.

I welcome your inquiries and I look forward to meeting you and helping you break free from social anxiety, social phobia and agoraphobia. The methods I use are effective and you will see results after only a few sessions. The first session can be quite significant in getting you started on your road to recovery, so please contact me to schedule a Skype therapy session now. There is no charge unless you are completely satisfied with the first session.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist and I offer mindfulness-based online therapy for agoraphobia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks.
The mindfulness approach is extremely effective and during online therapy sessions I will teach you how to work with your agoraphobic anxiety using the techniques of mindfulness to help you prevent your becoming overwhelmed by the anxiety reactions. We do this by actually meditating on our anxiety before we do any challenges.
Meditating helps to change the relationship that you have with your anxiety and this is absolutely essential, because the biggest problem that I encounter is that people suffering from anxiety tend to become identified with their emotions. They tend to become consumed by their emotions. They effectively lose their identity and become the emotions and this creates a very reactive place that is very difficult to escape from. So with mindfulness training you can change this pattern and learn to develop a relationship with your anxiety whereby you do not become identified with it where you can see the anxiety as an observer. This is essential for change. Once you begin to do this the rate of recovery from agoraphobic anxiety and panic attacks increases dramatically, and most people will see quite substantial changes after only four or five sessions with me once they start applying the mindfulness-based techniques.

So the basic idea is that you will schedule sessions with me and we will work on setting up a series of challenges that you can manage and then you prepare for these challenges using mindfulness meditation. You do that challenge and you meditate on any anxiety that arose during that challenge. And each time we learn a little more about how to change our relationship to our anxiety so that we basically break free from the habit of identification and becoming overwhelmed by it. And this approach is, from my experience, the most effective there is for overcoming agoraphobic anxiety. So if you’d like to get started with me simply go to my website and then email me to schedule a Skype therapy session with me. Thank you.

Online therapy for anxiety and depression
Online therapy for anxiety and depression

What Treatment Methods work Best for Agoraphobia?

In my experience, the best therapeutic approach for helping people overcome agoraphobia is a combination of Cognitive Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Therapy. Cognitive-based therapy helps you identify the underlying habitual and reactive thoughts and beliefs that create anxiety. Developing awareness of these habitual negative thinking patterns is a very important first step in changing them.
Mindfulness Therapy helps you neutralize and resolve the underlying emotional panic anxiety and fear that fuels the thoughts and beliefs. Learning how to diffuse and resolve the underlying emotions is essential and mindfulness is one of the best awareness tools for doing this. With practice, you begin to completely change your relationship to the emotions from being a victim to being aware. the more aware you are, the less reactive you become. As you become less reactive, you can begin to explore ways to heal the anxiety-fear directly. Instead of fighting your emotions or avoiding them, you learn how to be with them as a friend. Mindfulness training makes this possible.

Imaginal Exposure followed by real challenges
The combined approach teaches you how to work with panic anxiety thoughts without becoming overwhelmed by them and this makes it possible to do Imaginal Exposure Exercises, where you imagine leaving your house or going on a journey or being in a crowded place. Through repetition you quickly learn how to process any anxiety reactions as they arise and you prepare yourself for an actual real-life challenge. At first, we make the challenge small and manageable. We begin to build direct experience and confidence and build on what we have achieved. This very systematic process of preparation through guided Imaginal Exposure followed by real challenges is a proven and effective method for breaking free from agoraphobia and panic attacks.

Agoraphobia Help Online

Welcome. My name is Peter strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist and I offer online help for agoraphobia and other anxiety disorders that may be affecting the quality of your life. I offer online therapy, which is of course very convenient if you’re suffering from agoraphobia.

The style of therapy that I offer is called mindfulness therapy and this is a very practical hands-on approach that gives you tools that you can use between therapy sessions to progressively overcome your agoraphobia.

So, mindfulness therapy consists of a combination of two important aspects. The first is designing a series of progressive challenges. That’s very important, of course, that you try to face your fears and not simply give into them. But you need to do this in a progressive way starting simple and then progressing to more difficult challenges.

The other part of this approach is to do training before you do any kind of exposure challenge. You need to prepare yourself so that if anxiety gets triggered, that you will have trained such that that that anxiety will dissipate or resolve itself on the spot in the presence of the particular triggers that trigger the fear, anxiety or panic attacks. So we train beforehand.

We do this by developing a very different quality of relationship to our anxiety and this is the hallmark of mindfulness therapy. The real problem is not so much the anxiety itself but our reactions to that anxiety. We tend to develop patterns of fear-based reactions to our anxiety and other emotions that tend to feed that underlying anxiety and stop it resolving itself.

So, during the preparation step before a challenge you actually will be learning how to meditate on your anxiety. So you will play through the scene of perhaps walking around the block or whatever challenge you decide to start with. You look for the anxiety that gets triggered in your mind and then you change the way that you relate to that anxiety. And the most important thing is not to become identified with the anxiety; to see the anxiety as if it was a visitor or simply an object in the mind. Then we can learn to develop balance in relationship to that object. So you can sit with your anxiety without becoming anxious. That’s the most important first step in the training before you do any challenges.

The second step is to respond to that anxiety with a quality of friendliness and compassion. This also is a vital part of the mindfulness approach. Mindfulness is this combination of consciousness and friendliness.

Friendliness is immensely powerful in overcoming fear. So you could think that of the fear emotion itself as being like a child. It feels isolated. It’s scared. And what does it need? The most important thing it needs is to feel a connection with its parent. The parent is not afraid. During meditation on our anxiety we establish this kind of internal parent which we call our true self. It is not afraid it is able to establish a relationship with the anxiety that is not based on fear based on compassion. This is exactly what the fear needs in order to resolve itself. And that is what we call the True Self-Little Self Alliance.

So when people are stuck in patterns of anxiety it’s because that alliance is missing within. So building that is essential. And there are many other things that we do during the training before each challenge session, but that’s a taste of Mindfulness Therapy. It is very, very effective in deed, and most people see significant improvements after three or four weeks of practicing the techniques that I will teach you. So, if you’re interested in online help for your anxiety and your agoraphobia do please send me an email and let’s schedule a therapy session via Skype. Thank you.

online therapy and help for agoraphobia
Online therapy and help for agoraphobia



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