Online Mindfulness Therapy for agoraphobia via Skype

Online Mindfulness Therapy for agoraphobia via Skype.

Overcome agoraphobia through Online Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy via Skype.

I will guide you through the process and you will see significant improvements after each Mindfulness Therapy session.

Mindfulness Therapy teaches you how to work with your anxiety to promote healing and recovery instead of becoming continually overwhelmed.

The key is to develop a strong conscious relationship with your anxiety and anxiety-producing thoughts based on mindfulness and compassion. This relationship is what promotes healing and recovery.

The main problem that keeps you stuck in the cycle of agoraphobia and fear is avoidance of and aversion towards painful emotions. Avoiding fear simply reinforces fear; aversion is simply another form of fear that reinforces the underlying anxiety that fuels agoraphobia.

Learning to face your fears is vital, but you must learn how to do this in a strategic way that builds confidence, and this is the focus of Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy.

Online therapist for agoraphobia

Online Mindfulness Therapy for agoraphobia

Agoraphobia Help from Home – Online Mindfulness Therapy

Online Mindfulness Therapy for Stopping Agoraphobia and Social Anxiety Disorder without using medications

See a Psychotherapist Online via Skype for effective online help and mindfulness therapy for overcoming Chronic Agoraphobia, Chronic Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Social Anxiety Disorder

If you want to recover completely from agoraphobia you must treat the underlying habitual anxiety reactions.

Medications don’t address this. Medications only provide a tempry relief from anxiety symptoms, but do nothing to change the underlying psychological cause of your anxiety.

During Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy (Mindfulness Therapy) we work on healing these habitual reactions directly at the psychological level. This approach is extremely effective and most people see significant improvements after 3-4 Skype sessions.

Online therapy works very well as long as you use Skype, FaceTime or Zoom so that you can see each other. Being able to see each other is essential for good communication and good psychotherapy.

What Treatment Methods work Best for Agoraphobia?

In my experience, the best therapeutic approach for helping people overcome agoraphobia is a combination of Cognitive Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based Exposure Therapy (Mindfulness Therapy).

Cognitive-based therapy helps you identify the underlying habitual and reactive thoughts and beliefs that create anxiety. Developing awareness of these habitual negative thinking patterns is a very important first step in changing them.

Mindfulness Therapy helps you neutralize and resolve the underlying emotional panic anxiety and fear that fuels the thoughts and beliefs. Learning how to diffuse and resolve the underlying emotions is essential and mindfulness is one of the best awareness tools for doing this.

With practice, you begin to completely change your relationship to the emotions from being a victim to being aware. the more aware you are, the less reactive you become. As you become less reactive, you can begin to explore ways to heal the anxiety-fear directly. Instead of fighting your emotions or avoiding them, you learn how to be with them as a friend. Mindfulness training makes this possible.

The combined approach teaches you how to work with panic anxiety thoughts without becoming overwhelmed by them and this makes it possible to do Imaginal Exposure Exercises, where you imagine leaving your house or going on a journey or being in a crowded place. Through repetition you quickly learn how to process any anxiety reactions as they arise and you prepare yourself for an actual real-life challenge.

At first, we make the challenge small and manageable. We begin to build direct experience and confidence and build on what we have achieved. This very systematic process of preparation through guided Imaginal Exposure followed by real challenges is a proven and effective method for breaking free from agoraphobia and panic attacks.

Contact me to learn more about this online counseling service and book an online Skype counseling session with me. Inquiries welcome!

Everyone that I have worked with really benefits from the mindfulness approach that I teach for healing emotional suffering…

“I found Peter’s website serendipitously and I can honestly say that I have had excellent results in six sessions utilizing Peter’s approach which, while based in the teachings of the Buddha, are fully compatible with any religion or philosophy.”


Online Therapist for help with Agoraphobia via Skype

How to overcome agoraphobia without medication – Online Mindfulness Therapy for Agoraphobia

Contact me to schedule a Skype therapy session with Dr. Peter Strong, specialist in online mindfulness therapy for anxiety and depression.

How to overcome agoraphobia without medication – Online Mindfulness Therapy for Agoraphobia

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong. I am a professional psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders and depression and addictions and many other emotional problems that respond well to mindfulness therapy. One particular anxiety disorder that I work with a great deal is agoraphobia. So if you’re interested in overcoming agoraphobia without the use of medications but through learning the strategic methods of mindfulness training and therapy then do please contact me and tell me more about your condition and I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

When you feel ready you can schedule a Skype Therapy session with me and I will teach you how to overcome agoraphobia without medications.

It’s important to understand that medications are only a temporary solution. They do not and are not designed to change the underlying psychological habitual process that generates anxiety. Medications simply reduce symptoms but really they are not really a good choice in the long run because they leave you vulnerable to those underlying psychological habits that create the anxiety. You want to change those habits and that’s the focus of mindfulness therapy. I will teach you how to neutralize those underlying habits that create anxiety.

So what triggers anxiety in agoraphobia? Well is generally triggered by thoughts and beliefs and anticipation and rumination whereby you get trapped in cycles of fear-based thinking.

What will happen if I have a panic attack away from home? How will I get home? The fear of being trapped, the fear of not being able to get back to a secure zone, basically.

So agoraphobia is characterized by being a prisoner of a comfort zone which often gets smaller and smaller as the disorder progresses. So we have to work on building strategies to get you out of that prison, and we do that by working on those emotional habits directly. Typically we are not really aware of our anxiety producing habits. They operate unconsciously like most habits and we just blindly accept them. We identify with these habits and we suffer because of that.

So the first thing that we do in mindfulness therapy is identifying those thought reactions themselves that trigger the anxiety. We then work in a very specific way with those thoughts reactions and beliefs using various techniques. The first and most important one is learning to overcome this habit of identification so that we can hold the thought in our mind whatever it might be. The fear of fainting, the fear of being out of control, the fear of having a panic attack, whatever it might be.

We do this by meditating on those thoughts. We make every effort not to avoid those thoughts.

So that’s very important. That is the first part of training. We call this mindfulness-based exposure therapy. We are exposing ourselves to those thoughts; those triggers and we train ourselves out of the habit of blindly identifying with them and feeding the anxiety.

The second way we work with the anxiety thoughts is to work with their imagery. We look at the imagery of the thoughts, how we see the emotion in the mind that gets triggered by these reactive thoughts is very important. That imagery is what actually creates the identity. And we work with that imagery in a way that neutralizes the anxiety.

Now the next part of our approach to overcoming agoraphobia that doesn’t require medication is to design a schedule of daily challenges. So this is where we will expose ourselves to a particular situation that would tend to generate those reactive anxiety-producing thoughts.

And with the mindfulness-based exposure therapy that I’ve been describing, you can expect to see really effective progress within a few sessions. Usually after the first three or four weeks of applying the mindfulness techniques that I will teach you, you will notice significant reduction in anxiety and the ability to now start extending your range out of that prison.

So if you’d like to learn more about how to overcome the agoraphobia without using medication, then please email me and let’s schedule a Skype Therapy session.


How do I overcome my agoraphobia without medication? Online Mindfulness Therapy for Agoraphobia

Email me to schedule a Skype therapy session with Dr. Peter Strong, specialist in online mindfulness therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders, including agoraphobia, and depression.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong. I’m a professional online psychotherapist based in Colorado and I offer online therapy via Skype to help people manage anxiety and depression more effectively using the techniques of mindfulness therapy.

This is a system of psychotherapy that I’ve been developing over the last ten or more years now that seems to be extremely effective for anxiety and also depression but basically is very effective for helping you heal the underlying anxiety itself directly. And it does this and a variety of ways one of which is by helping you work on those patterns of reactive thinking that feed the anxiety.

So with agoraphobia the typical situation is that we get obsessed with anxiety producing thoughts about what will happen to us if we leave our safety zone for example that’s a common kind of thought pattern. You know the fear of having a panic attack in public. The fear of fainting or being sick or anything else like that. These are these are fed by a whole system of internal dialogue that is relentless and feeding that anxiety.

So I’m often asked how can I overcome my agoraphobia without using medication and to do this effectively you have to address this underlying psychological process of reactive thinking that’s feeding your anxiety. Medications have their prey’s place you know the selective serotonin uptake inhibitors you know these have their place but medications can change that underlying process. All the medication will ever do is reduce symptoms for a while. But that’s not really healing the problem is not changing the essential underlying psychological habits that are creating your anxiety and fear.

So this is why it is recommended that you look into process oriented psychotherapy like cognitive behavioral therapy or exposure and prevention type protocols. Because these help you actually deal with that underlying reactive process.

I teach mindfulness based exposure therapy which is really great very effective indeed for agoraphobia specifically. It really helps you develop a strategic approach to overcoming your anxiety. So some of the exposure therapy models are OK up to a point but they don’t really tell you how to process the anxiety itself directly. What to do with that emotion? In mindfulness work we work exclusively on reprocessing that emotion, that habit that gets activated.

If you’d like to learn more about the mindfulness approach for healing anxiety including agoraphobia then simply go to my website. Learn More and e-mail me with any questions you may have. Of course it’s very convenient to be able to do your psychotherapy sessions online if you’re suffering from agoraphobia, and that’s one of the reasons why I specialize in Skype Therapy. It’s very important that you can see each other. That’s why we use Skype. This improves the quality of communication and makes the therapy sessions much more effective.

So during our sessions together I will teach you how to develop a strategy for overcoming your anxiety using mindfulness based exposure therapy. So what does this entail? Well it it entails designing a series of challenges that are manageable but that tend to produce anxiety. So it might be simply leaving the comfort of your own home and walking to a shop or going to a mall or any number of things. You will know what those triggers are that trigger your anxiety and panic attacks.

We design a series of challenges where we basically take one challenge and we prepare for it using mindfulness methods. This basically means playing the challenge through in the mind, visualizing going to the mall for example, and then watching for the anxiety reaction and all of the reactive thoughts that get triggered when that anxiety is triggered in the mind.

When we find those anxiety thoughts and the emotion itself we then start to build a different kind of relationship with it that is based on consciousness, on mindfulness, where we can become the observer of these thoughts and emotions but without becoming identified with them. In this way we break the habit that causes our anxiety.

Let me help you break free from your agoraphobia through Mindfulness Therapy.


Agoraphobia Help Online via Skype

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong. I’m a professional online therapist based in Boulder, Colorado, and I offer online therapy for anxiety, depression, and stress, including PTSD, and I also offer online help for agoraphobia.

So if you’re interested in seeking online therapy for agoraphobia, then please reach out to me by e-mail. Tell me more about how I can help you. What you’re experiencing. And then we can schedule a Skype Therapy session and I will teach you how to overcome your agoraphobia using the well tested techniques of Mindfulness Therapy that I have developed over the years and found to be very effective for all kinds of anxiety disorders including agoraphobia.

The essence of what I will teach you during these online therapy sessions is how to set up a schedule of strategic exposure challenges. That’s the first thing that we will need to do.

That might involve walking outside that house, or walking into a shop, or whatever it might be, but some challenge, basically, that triggers anxiety. We want to use these challenges as a way of training out of that anxiety reaction.

So we set up a series of challenges and then the most important thing is that we prepare for each challenge using mindfulness meditation, which means that we play through that challenge in the mind, we look for any anxiety reactions that occur and then we meditate on those anxiety reactions themselves.

We basically learn how to dis-identify from those reactions. We learn to overcome the habit of becoming overwhelmed or controlled by those anxiety reactions. You learn to sit with the anxiety without becoming overwhelmed. That is the second essential part of the mindfulness approach, and the third part of Mindfulness Therapy involves healing that anxiety that we find.

And this involves developing a very high quality conscious relationship with the emotion itself based on mindfulness and based on compassion or friendliness, and this approach works extremely well. The biggest problem that I come across is that people develop a fear of their anxiety and they try to escape it. They try to avoid it. They look for distraction behaviors. Anything to get away from it. And that will not work. You must learn how to form a stable non-reactive relationship with your anxiety and then respond with compassion in the way that I am advocating here, if you want it to heal. That is an essential requirement.

So if you would like to learn more about how to overcome your agoraphobia using Mindfulness Therapy, then please reach out to me by email and let’s schedule Skype Therapy session.

Mindfulness Therapy is very effective for all kinds of anxiety disorders and most people that I work with can expect to see significant improvements after three or four weeks, once they start applying mindfulness methods and executing them with these challenges that I’ve been talking about.

If you take this very strategic and systematic way of working with your anxiety then you will overcome your agoraphobia, and you’ll be able to extend your range and be completely comfortable in a wide range of circumstances that previously may not be possible for you.

Of course doing online therapy or Agoraphobia is very convenient, and sometimes it’s very necessary because it’s so difficult to go to see a therapist away from home.

So if you’re interested, please email me and let’s explore how Mindfulness Therapy can help you overcome your agoraphobia.


Online Mindfulness Therapy for agoraphobia via Skype.