Online Therapy for Insomnia

Online Mindfulness Therapy for Insomnia

Online Treatment for Insomnia – Mindfulness Therapy for Insomnia

The secret to overcoming insomnia is to transform the way you relate to your thoughts and emotions when in bed. Fighting them doesn’t work and only feeds the problem. Instead we need to develop a friendly and non-reactive relationship with our thoughts. This is part of the highly effective approach of Mindfulness Therapy for Insomnia.


Online Treatment for Insomnia – Mindfulness Therapy for Insomnia

Online Therapy for Insomnia

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist. I live in Boulder, Colorado and I provide online therapy via Skype. I treat a variety of emotional problems, including general anxiety, depression, stress and also PTSD, and addictions, and also I treat insomnia, sleep anxiety disorder.

The method I use is called Mindfulness Therapy. Mindfulness is a very powerful way of working with reactive thoughts and reactive emotions. It allows you to change your relationship to the racing thoughts and anxiety that may arise and prevent you from sleeping. We change our relationship from one of being reactive and overwhelmed by thinking and emotions to being in a position like an observer, where you are able to see the thoughts, but without becoming reactive to them and without becoming overwhelmed by them.

So, that’s basically what Mindfulness Therapy is about – learning how to be present for your thoughts and emotions without becoming identified with them, and this is why Mindfulness Therapy is so effective for insomnia.

So, if you would like to learn more about online therapy for insomnia, please email me and we can set up a Skype Therapy session and you can see how it would work for you. Thank you!

The Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy Online with Dr. Peter Strong.
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Insomnia Treatment Online

Insomnia Treatment Online

Mindfulness Therapy provides some of the most effective techniques available to help you overcome the reactive thinking that causes insomnia.

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online psychotherapist. I provide online therapy via Skype to help people like yourself to work with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, addictions, or any other difficult emotions that you may be encountering. The methods that I use are called Mindfulness Therapy, which is an extremely effective way of working with difficult emotions and with reactive thinking. Mindfulness Therapy is very effective for insomnia and so I provide online therapy for insomnia using mindfulness techniques.

As you may know, if you are suffering from insomnia, one of the primary problems that you face is reactive thinking. That is, the proliferation of thoughts in a never-ending stream that just keep rolling through the mind and keeping the mind in a state of activation, which prevents the onset of sleep. Learning to work with reactive thinking is a central focus of Mindfulness Therapy.

Online Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for Insomnia

Online Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for Insomnia

During these sessions of online mindfulness therapy I will teach you how to break free from reactive anxiety-producing thinking, which of course is the main cause of insomnia for most people – you just can’t turn off the mind’s incessant thinking. Mindfulness therapy is one of the very best systems available for controlling reactive thinking so you can fall asleep. Most people see dramatic improvements in their sleep patterns within 3-4 weeks of practicing the mindfulness techniques that I teach.

Please contact me if you are interested in online therapy for insomnia

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist and specialize in mindfulness therapy for anxiety depression and also for insomnia. I teach mindfulness meditation for insomnia and for dealing with reactive thinking in general mindfulness meditation is extremely effective for working with the reactive contents of mind. It’s not about trying to remove thoughts from the mind because that simply creates patterns of aversion which actually strengthens the reactivity of light. So during mindfulness meditation we seek to change our relationship to the thoughts and emotional reactions that arise in the mind and make it difficult to get to sleep. We choose to learn how most of all to see the thoughts. The moment that they arise so training and conscious awareness that first part of mindfulness meditation. But that’s not enough. We must respond to the thoughts and emotional reactions with a quality of acceptance and friendliness that makes mindfulness quite unique. When we learn to respond to our thoughts with awareness plus this Kotey of limits then we are practicing mindfulness meditation. This is what leads to changes and this is what can help you overcome the partner of reactive thinking and aversion to reactive thinking that tends to create insomnia. So if you would like to learn more about Mindfulness meditation for insomnia please contact me through my websites counseling therapy online talk palm hand we can schedule a session via Skype which I can teach you how to work with reactive thoughts to help you overcome your insomnia so please contact me.

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Through mindfulness training you will develop new skills that will help you manage the streams of reactive thoughts that is a central cause of insomnia for most people. The key point is to learn to watch these thoughts as an observer but without reacting to them. Reactivity simply increases the level of activation in the mind and this inhibits the natural sleep onset response.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional psychotherapist and I specialize in mindfulness therapy. I offer online cognitive behavioral therapy using mindfulness for the treatment of insomnia and sleep anxiety disorder.

The mindfulness approach is very effective indeed for helping you manage those streams of reactive thinking that tend to keep the mind in a state of agitation and prevent the natural onset of sleep. When you’re working with reactive thinking, worrying and rumination and other patterns of habitual reactive thinking it is very important not to fight those thoughts. If you resist the thoughts they simply get stronger and they tend to return.

The mindfulness approach, this particular form of CBT, is very effective because it teaches you how to change your relationship to these thoughts so that you don’t make a problem of them, that you don’t get caught in patterns of reacting to your thoughts. But instead you actually develop a conscious and friendly relationship to the stream of thoughts that often arises during the night and can cause insomnia. It is rather like learning to sit beside a river. It’s quite a different experience sitting on the bank of the river watching the river than being swept away by the river. And that’s the difference. The river is the same. The thoughts are the same and it’s not actually the thoughts that’s the problem at all. It is the fact that we become identified with our thoughts, and that’s the equivalent of falling into the river and being swept away.

Learning to watch your thoughts without becoming identified with them is a central theme in mindfulness therapy and it’s a central part of the process of overcoming insomnia.

There are many other mindfulness techniques that I teach during these online therapy sessions that will help you manage the reactive thinking. A very simple techniques that you can try yourself and experiment with is to greet the thoughts in a friendly way, that’s central to mindfulness, but then to take those thought and move it and place it on the floor beside you in bed. By changing the position of the thoughts in your mind you can greatly reduce the intensity of the thought and that helps prevent the proliferation of more thoughts. So when you thought arises and the mind simply creates it and then move it and put it down on the floor beside you and repeat this over and over again. It is quite remarkable how effective this simple mindfulness technique can be. If you find such a technique to be valuable for you do please share your experiences in the comments below this video for others to read.

If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness therapy and the mindfulness CBT approach to working with insomnia, please go to my website and then send me an e-mail when we can schedule a trial Skype therapy session. Most people see quite dramatic changes once they start applying the mindfulness techniques that I teach. And often it doesn’t take that long. So I expect most of my clients to see significant improvements in the quality of sleep after probably three or four sessions with me. Once you start applying these practical techniques you’ll see real benefits. So if you’d like to get started with some online mindfulness therapy with me do please go to my website and send me an e-mail and let’s get started.

Online Therapy for Insomnia

Online Therapy for Insomnia

If you would like to learn more about how to overcome insomnia and the reactive thinking that fuels insomnia and sleep anxiety in general, then do please go to my website and learn more about the online mindfulness therapy approach that I teach. When you feel ready you can simply reach out to me by email and ask any questions you have about online therapy and we can schedule a session at a time that works for you.

I see people worldwide mostly in America which is where I am based, but I also see people in Western Europe and as far away as Japan and Australia.

Many people are developing a particularly interest in taking care of their insomnia themselves by treating it with mindfulness-based techniques rather than medications. Mindfulness teaches you how to basically work with thoughts and emotions more effectively so that they don’t overwhelm you and control you and don’t create the agitation that prevents the natural onset of sleep.

So the sleep response really requires a mind that is free from agitation and stress and anxiety produced by reactive thinking. So in the mindfulness approach we work on changing your relationship to the mind, to those thoughts, so that you don’t increase reactive thinking.

The mindfulness approach to insomnia is very effective. I have a lot of experience with it now and and most people see quite dramatic changes within three to four sessions with me. So if you’d like to learn more and you’d like to schedule online therapy your insomnia please go to my website and email me. Thank you.


Does this interest you? Send me an email now. Tell me about yourself and how I can help you. Schedule a trial session via Skype now.

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