Online Mindfulness Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

If you would like to learn more about online mindfulness therapy for Bipolar Disorder, please contact me

Online Mindfulness Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Talk to an online therapist for help with bipolar disorder and depression

Bipolar disorder describes a condition of extreme emotional reactivity and mood swings between the polarized state of euphoria and depression. The mind cycles between these two extremes, often with no particular trigger, but more often triggered by specific thoughts, stresses or contact with particular people or situations. The underlying cause if bipolar disorder (BPD) may be psychological, frequently associated with intense emotional trauma experienced as a child, including sexual assault; hormonal or biochemical, or precipitated by a substance addiction.

Whatever the cause of your bipolar disorder, there is an underlying psychological process that is activated by these various external and internal triggers, and this process is what we can manage and change through Mindfulness Therapy…

Online therapist for bipolar disorder and depression

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional psychotherapist. I offer online therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression. I also offer online Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar Disorder can respond very well to mindfulness therapy, because at the core of this disorder is a form of extreme reactivity: emotional and cognitive reactivity that is triggered by various triggers, some of which may be psychological in nature or physiological in nature or biochemical. But, whatever the trigger, the actual psychological process that creates the euphoria or the depression is psychological in nature. There is a psychological process that is going on there that we can regulate and change through mindfulness therapy.

Mindfulness allows you to break free from that process of emotional reactivity, in which you feel compelled into one state or another, that drags you into depression or creates unrealistic happiness or euphoria. Learning to regulate these mood swings is extremely important in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder and depression.

So, in these online therapy sessions that I offer, we will learn specific ways of working with our emotions and reactive thoughts directly, using mindfulness so that you can break free from the habitual reactive process itself and gain more freedom in how you respond to the triggers.

If you would like to learn more about online mindfulness therapy for Bipolar Disorder, please CONTACT ME. Email me through my website and we can set up a Skype consultation, first of all, if you would like that, or go ahead and schedule a Skype therapy session. So, please visit my website and contact me so that we can discuss this further. Thank you!

Online therapy for depression via Skype
Online therapy for depression via Skype

Online Therapist for Depression

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Feel free to share your experiences with Online Therapy or how you have benefitted from applying mindfulness in your life. Please use the CONTACT PAGE to communicate with me directly

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