Online Therapist for Depression

Online Psychotherapist for Help with Depression via Skype

Online Mindfulness Therapy through Skype for Overcoming Anxiety & Depression without using antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications

See a Psychotherapist Online via Skype – Talk to an online therapist for Depression and Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia, Addictions, and other forms of emotional stress, including PTSD.

Contact me to discover more about this online therapy service and schedule a online Skype counseling session with me. Inquiries welcome!

Online Therapist for Depression

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional online therapist for depression and also for anxiety and any other emotional problems that you may be experiencing that are due to psychological causes. The primary cause of depression of course is rumination or reactive habitual thinking. The way that we get caught in these patterns of recurring intrusive thoughts that feed our depression is one of the chief factors that feeds the emotion of depression.

During online therapy I will teach you mindfulness-based methods to overcome these patterns of habitual reactive thinking, to neutralize that rumination that feeds the depression. When you learn how to do this then you stop feeding that depression and the depression begins its process of resolution.

This approach is one in which we actually learn to meditate on our emotions. We bring those emotions into the mind and we learn to sit with those emotions without reacting. If we do react, then we learn to see those reactions and again through mindfulness we learn to break free from those reactions and so we stop feeding them as well. So in this process of meditating on your depression you are actually learning to free yourself from the reactive process that feeds that depression. And in this way you create the right conditions whereby the depression heals itself and learns to extinguish itself.

So if you’d like to learn more about online mindfulness therapy for depression and you like to talk to an online therapist for depression, do please go to my website, learn more about mindfulness therapy for depression and also for anxiety and then email me and we can schedule a Skype Therapy session in which I will teach you these ways of working with depression that have proven to be so effective over the years.

Most of the clients I’ve worked with over the last 10 to 20 years now, report that they see significant changes in the intensity of their depression and the frequency of depressive episodes once they start applying these mindfulness techniques that neutralize the rumination and habitual reactive thinking and the changes can occur quite quickly. Usually people see significant changes after three to four sessions with me. So, if you’d like to learn more about this approach do please send me an email. Thank you.

Also watch this video to learn more:

Online therapy for anxiety & depression – Talk to a therapist online

Talk to a Therapist Online – Online Therapy for Anxiety & Depression

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist and I offer online therapy for depression, also online psychotherapy for anxiety and other emotional problems that you may be experiencing.

Psychotherapy online for anxiety & depression

Most people really like the idea of speaking to a psychotherapist online through Skype because it is more comfortable and convenient for you. Talking to a therapist online also offers more privacy for you. You may be embarrassed to talk to a therapist in the first place, but the online therapy option definitely removes this barrier. You may also choose to speak with a therapist online if you cannot find a local psychotherapist to talk to. I see many expats living abroad for the same reason

Online Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

If you are suffering from severe depression then you should seek help from your doctor. But, for most people with depression and anxiety, what you really need are practical solutions; ways of working with your emotions that allow them to heal and learning how to break the cycle of becoming overwhelmed by emotional reactivity. This can be done very well through Skype and I will teach you very practical and effective mindfulness-based techniques for overcoming depression, anxiety and many other forms of emotional suffering.

Speak to a therapist online from home using Skype

It’s also, of course, very difficult for some people to leave home: They may have family commitments at home, young children, etc, and so the online therapy option is very convenient. Many people live in rural areas and don’t have access to a therapist, or they may simply want to be more discrete in finding someone to work with and the online option is certainly very good for that, and means that you can receive help for your depression or anxiety without anyone else knowing, unless you wish to tell them.

So, online therapy via Skype is growing in popularity and is a very good choice for many people. If you would like to learn more about online therapy for your anxiety or depression, please visit my website and contact me – I will be happy to talk to you and answer your questions, and we can discuss scheduling a Skype Therapy session to help you manage your depression, anxiety or other emotional problems. So, please visit my website and contact me today. Thank you!

online therapist for depression
Get help from an online therapist for depression and anxiety


Here is another video about online therapy for depression:

Online Therapy with an Online Therapist for Anxiety and Depression

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist and I offer online therapy for anxiety and also online therapy for depression. If you’d like to talk to a psychotherapist online for depression then please go to my website. Learn more about this this online service that I provide and then simply e-mail me, ask any questions you may have about online therapy and how the approach that I use can help you overcome your depression.

I teach mindfulness therapy. That’s my specialty and that’s what I describe in my book, The Path of Mindfulness Meditation. I find mindfulness therapy to be probably the most effective approach that I know for overcoming depression and also for treating anxiety disorders and any other form of emotional suffering.

Depression Green

There are two basic concepts in mindfulness therapy that make it so effective for treating depression.

The first is that we learn how to change our relationship to the depression itself. The real problem for most people is that whenever depression gets triggered by events or by thoughts or other triggers we simply become totally identified or consumed by the emotion and depression. This is called reactive identification and this is this the central problem that we tackle during mindfulness therapy. We learn to break this blind habit of identifying with the depression or with anxiety too. We learn to develop a position as the observer of the emotion. This is quite important because when you can strengthen the ability to stay as the observer then you essentially free your self from the grip of the depression, learning to be the opposite of depression instead of becoming overwhelmed by the depression. That’s the central focus of mindfulness therapy.

The second part of mindfulness therapy is very much concerned with looking at the structure of reactive thinking, or rumination that feeds the emotion. So thoughts do not cause depression, but thoughts will feed it if we also become identified with those thoughts and beliefs and memories and other mental content. In the same way we need to develop a mindful relationship with thoughts, we need to break free from the habit of becoming overwhelmed by rumination.

In this way we get more and more freedom from the depression, itself, the emotion, and the thoughts that feed the emotion, and this is what leads to the resolution and healing of depression, also anxiety and other forms of emotional suffering.

If you’d like to learn more about how mindfulness therapy can help you with your depression and you are interested in talking to a psychotherapists online through Skype then please send me an e-mail and let’s schedule a Skype therapy session. Thank you.

Standard counseling can be beneficial, but often it does not change the underlying structure that is the real cause of your depression or anxiety.

This also applies to the use of medications – the prescription medications may provide a temporary relief from symptoms for a while, but medications are not effective for healing the underlying cause that produces your emotional suffering.

The school of psychotherapy that I offer is known as Mindfulness Therapy, which can be extremely powerful for handling anxiety disorders and for treating chronic depression and other common psychological problems caused by habitual reactive thinking. Most people notice dramatic improvements after the first couple of sessions of Online Therapy.

Go to my website and email me to find out more about this online therapy service and to schedule a therapy session with me.

This online counseling service is available throughout the USA, UK and Western Europe and world-wide. All you need is a good internet connection and you can start online psychotherapy.

Controlling Anxiety & Depression using Mindfulness Therapy

It is really important that you simply understand how to, essentially, meditate on your anxiety and depression. You have to from a friendly relationship with all your your emotions. The majority of us, obviously, react out of habit to our anxiety, depression or other unpleasant emotions with avoidance and some kind of aversion to those disagreeable emotions. We don’t like these unpleasant feelings and we attempt to eliminate them. This really is actually the worst thing you can possibly do, because this kind of reactivity makes the anxiety or depression develop and become stronger. Any kind of reactivity strengthens reinforcing the anxiety or depression.

What I have found, and many others in the field of Mindfulness Therapy have discovered, is that what really accelerates change and transformation is when we train ourselves to hold the emotion in our conscious awareness without responding with habitual reactivity to our painful emotions with avoidance and aversion. When you are doing this you’re learning the best way to effectively be with that emotion without becoming reactive and without becoming overwhelmed by it. This teaches the mind a totally different manner of processing that the anxiety, and this allows the emotion to change, to resolve and also to transform itself.

Therefore, if you are considering online psychotherapy, do please see my website and e-mail me and then we can discuss whether this strategy of mindfulness-based psychotherapy is best for you. Please, visit my site and email me.

See an online therapist for depression

See an online therapist for depression

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional psychotherapist specializing in mindfulness therapy for anxiety and also for depression. If you would like to see an online therapist for help with depression then I invite you to go to my website and learn more about the online mindfulness therapy approach that I offer and contact me and tell me about yourself and how I can help you through online Mindfulness Therapy.

So many people like the option of online therapy because it’s more private and less intimidating than going to see a therapist in an office. Being able to see a therapist online to help you with your depression is a good option and one you should definitely consider if you’re struggling with depression.

The mindfulness approach that I teach is quite effective and most people can expect to see significant changes after three to four sessions of Mindfulness Therapy.

Really, the biggest hurdle that we have to overcome is how to prevent and stop the reactive habit of blindly identifying with negative thoughts, with negative beliefs that, basically, fuel depression.

These negative thoughts become very intrusive and they tend to cause us to contract and withdraw and become overwhelmed by these ruminations. So, in order to really cut off the fuel that feeds depression you will need to learn how to work with thoughts and that’s exactly what I teach you in mindfulness therapy.

We learn how to work with those difficult thoughts and beliefs by actually meditating on them. We hold them in our awareness for the purpose of training ourselves to not blindly identify with them.

You can hold a negative thought in your mind and not identify with it. If you don’t identify with it then that thought has no power at all to create the depression. So it’s very important that you learn how to do this, because most of us are not used to this way of working with thoughts, we simply blindly become identified with them and we simply fall into the river of negative thoughts.

So this is a major part of mindfulness therapy for depression, is learning how to change the way that we relate to our thoughts to take their power away from feeding the depression. There are other mindfulness techniques involved as well. One of which is very powerful indeed, and that is one of actually bringing compassion and friendliness to the depression itself. Again, when we see depression as an object in the mind and not identify with it then it becomes possible to care for that emotion, to care for that inner emotional pain, to respond with compassion, and building this internal relationship of compassion towards your own emotions is a very, very powerful tool indeed. And this is also what I will teach you during online therapy sessions.

So if you’re interested in seeing a therapist online for your depression and you would like to learn how to apply mindfulness to overcome your depression, then please go to my website and e-mail me so we can schedule a therapy session at a time that works for you. I see people worldwide. That’s not an issue. All you need is an internet connection and Skype and we can begin online therapy for your depression. Thank you.

Online therapy for anxiety and depression via Skype - TALK TO A THERAPIST ONLINE
Talk to a therapist via Skype – Skype therapy sessions for help with anxiety and depression

Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression

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