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  • Are you looking for help with anxiety and panic attacks?
  • Are you looking for an online therapist for agoraphobia?
  • Are you struggling with depression?
  • Would you like help to overcome OCD?
  • Would you like help with recovery from emotional trauma and PTSD?
  • Would you like help healing the underlying cause of your addiction?
  • Do you want to learn how to manage stress more effectively?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to medications?
  • Are you interested in learning how to apply mindfulness to overcome anxiety and depression, to promote emotional healing and wellbeing?

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about Mindfulness Therapy and how it can help you with your specific needs

Peter Strong, Online Mindfulness Therapy
Peter Strong, PhD, professional mindfulness therapist, teacher and author


The system of psychotherapy that I have developed (Mindfulness Therapy) is more cost-effective than traditional “talk therapy” or counseling.

Mindfulness Therapy does not involve the use of medications. Instead, we focus on changing and healing the underlying reactive habitual process that causes your anxiety, OCD, depression, emotional trauma (PTSD) or addiction.

You can and should expect to see significant and measurable improvements after 3-4 sessions.

  • All sessions are with Dr. Peter Strong via Skype
  • Schedule a session to see if Mindfulness Therapy is right for you
  • There are NO upfront payments. You make your payment via PayPal after each session and only if you are completely satisfied with the therapy session
  • You should expect to see significant improvements after 3-4 sessions

“I unreservedly recommend engaging Peter’s services in, what has been for me, an extremely effective method of learning about my inner self in ways that I’ve never been able to achieve before.”

“Working with Peter and developing mindfulness has been instrumental in helping me break from my habitual mental suffering. His form of therapy is effective for many reasons, but primarily I think it’s because Peter works with you to help you discover the truth of your suffering for yourself, rather than judging you or telling you – his presence is always calm and kind, and provides a great atmosphere for healing.”

“I had been stuck in another bout of intense generalized anxiety for several months when I found Peter. His website states that people experience significant results after 3-4 sessions. Well, after just 2 sessions I was 80% back to normal.”


In your email:

  • Tell me more about yourself and how I can help you. All emails are confidential
  • Tell me what you have tried to date
  • Tell me where you live and which of my session times (Colorado, MST) will work for you and I will check my availability
  • Please confirm that you have PayPal for your secure online payment made after each session
  • I will reply to your email within 24 hrs. Please also reply to my emails promptly
  • All emails are confidential and will not be shared with anyone







MST, Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Available world-wide.

Let me know which of my time slots will work for you and I will check my availability. Please remember differences in time zone.

I offer 60min and 90min sessions. Let me know what works best for you


Standard fee: $95 / hr

You can cancel any time during the first 30 mins without any charge.

Full payment is expected if you decide to continue for the full 60 or 90mins.

I also offer a sliding scale ($55-$95) if you cannot afford my standard fee.

I will always try to work with what you can afford if you cannot afford my standard fee. In your email please tell me the maximum that you can afford.

Client selection depends on a number of factors, the most important being your commitment to personal transformation.

I do not accept medical insurance.

Payments are to be made immediately after each session via PayPal.

Terms of Service

Please understand that this online psychotherapy service is intended for people who do not require medical treatment. This online service is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you are suffering from a medical condition or at risk of self-harm or harming another person you are advised to seek medical help from a medical professional.

Email me to schedule a Skype therapy session


Your email address is confidential and will not be shared with anyone

You can also contact me directly at


Have a Question about Mindfulness Therapy, or how to apply Mindfulness Meditation for Healing Anxiety & Depression?

You are welcome to contact me with any questions that you may have even if you are not ready to schedule a session with me. I am happy to answer any questions you may have help you in your path towards greater happiness and well-being.


I am very happy to work with groups through Zoom. Get a group of friends together and share the fee!

I offer the following group sessions:

  • Mindfulness Therapy for Anxiety Group
  • Mindfulness Therapy for Depression Group
  • Mindfulness Therapy for Addiction Recovery Group
  • Mindfulness Therapy for PTSD Group

Mindfulness Therapy works very well in a group format because the emphasis is on learning how to use mindfulness to transform the habitual processes that cause your anxiety, depression, PTSD or addiction. Contact me to learn more.


I offer sessions on a donation basis if you simply want to learn how to meditate and you wish to learn more about Buddhist psychology and how to apply mindfulness for healing suffering and promoting happiness and psychological well-being. Contact me to learn more.

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