What is Mindfulness Therapy?

Online Mindfulness Therapy describes a particular way of working with anxiety, depression, stress and other forms of emotional suffering. This form of Online Psychotherapy is a combination of Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), experiential psychotherapy, NLP and Buddhist Psychology. The essence of this approach is to help people become aware of the underlying patterns of habitual emotional and cognitive reactivity that creates and sustains their anxiety and emotional suffering. These patterns of reactivity are so habitual for most people that we are unaware of them and blindly follow them whenever they arise. We simply react out of habit. There is no choice or say in the matter and we blindly accept that this is the only way of being. We say, “I am angry because…”, or “I am upset because…”, and then blame our emotional state on external factors. perhaps the first essential step to take is to realize that there is no because. We have simply become conditioned to react in a certain way to external circumstances, but there is actually no underlying law that says we must feel this way because of what happened externally.

The next step we take in our path of Mindfulness Therapy, or meditation is to see that we are not who we think we are.


When we really understand this, we will begin to break free from the prison of our beliefs, views, habitual thoughts and emotional reactions. This change in our identity from the contents of the mind to the container, the spacious aspect of unconditioned mind, then healing can begin.

Peter Strong, PhD is a scientist, spiritual teacher, Mindfulness-based Psychotherapist and Online Therapist who specializes in the study of mindfulness and its application in Mindfulness Meditation Therapy. Besides face-to-face work, Peter also works with individuals and couples online via Skype. He also offers workshops for companies and groups. He is author of the influential book, The Path of Mindfulness Meditation, available through Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca and is also available as a Kindle edition.

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