Skype Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

Skype Counseling Online for Anxiety and Depression

I offer counseling via Skype to help you learn better ways of managing your emotions using the well-tested methods of Mindfulness Therapy, which works extremely well for anxiety and depression and also works well online. The main consideration for online counseling is that you can see each other as well as speak to each other. When this is the case then counseling over Skype is no different than counseling in-person for the vast majority of people seeking help.

online therapy sessions for depression
Online counseling sessions via Skype

The goal of mindfulness-based Skype counseling is to teach you practical tools that you can use and develop at home for managing your emotions, and mindfulness training and therapy is one of the best approaches for doing this.

I am not in favor of treatment-based approaches or medications because these only treat symptoms but leave the underlying mechanism that creates your anxiety or depression untouched. The mindfulness therapy approach focuses on changing the underlying reactive psychological habits that create emotional suffering.

We do this by cultivating a conscious mindful relationship with our emotions, with our anxiety or fear in we gradually replace habitual fear-based reactivity with mindfulness-based compassion for the anxiety emotion itself, seeing it very much like a child in pain that is in need of our help. Just as with a child, our emotions respond well to conscious and non-reactive attention. This literally creates a space around the emotion in which it can heal. The interesting thing is that anxiety and fear already are trying to heal themselves. The problem is our habitual reactivity. It inhibits natural healing. Learning not to react to our emotions but respond with compassion instead is central to mindfulness training, and it is VERY EFFECTIVE.

Contact me to ask any questions and to schedule a Skype session with me.


Skype counseling sessions – Counseling via Skype

Skype counseling sessions – Counseling via Skype

Skype Counseling for Anxiety and Depression – therapy sessions by Skype

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional internet counselor and I use Skype for therapy sessions. I specialize in Online Mindfulness Psychotherapy for the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Now, Skype counseling online is becoming highly popular for many reasons. Convenience is certainly one of those reasons, but another reason is, of course, because of the condition itself – anxiety or depression. People experiencing anxiety often find it extremely difficult to go to a therapist in his or her office, in-person. So the Skype counseling option is a very attractive alternative for the treatment of anxiety disorders and also for other anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia and fear of public places.

Whatever the style of therapy that you are attracted to, you need to change the underlying structure of the anxiety or depression itself. Doest Skype counseling work? Absolutely! This is one of the best forms of distance therapy available. Skype therapy is not usually covered by insurance, but it is very much more cost effective that traditional counseling.

Standard Talk Therapy can be useful, but often it does not change the underlying structure, the underlying process that creates your anxiety and depression.

The same can be said for medications – the antidepressant may relieve symptoms for awhile, but medications will not change the underlying process that generates the anxiety or depression.

So, it’s very important to seek what we might call a process-centered therapy that focuses on changing the underlying process that creates the anxiety or depression. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an example of a process-oriented therapy. Mindfulness Therapy, which is a system of work that I developed in the 1980’s incorporates CBT along with mindfulness, and this is another quite popular process-oriented therapy that is remarkably effective for anxiety disorders and this is what I teach during Skype counseling sessions.

Email me to learn more about Skype counseling and to book a Skype therapy session with me. You will derive great benefit from these therapy sessions over Skype.

This online psychotherapy service is available world-wide, including the USA, UK and Europe. Contact me to learn more about how to start therapy sessions via Skype.

Skype counseling for anxiety & depression – Talk to an online therapist

Skype counseling for anxiety & depression – Talk to an online therapist

Discover how mindfulness therapy can help you eliminate anxiety and depression. Talk to a Psychotherapist Online via Skype for effective online therapy for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, OCD and intrusive thoughts, Addictions, PTSD and Traumatic Stress or any other emotional problems not requiring treatment by a medical professional. Email me to discover more about this online counseling service and to organize a online counseling session with me.

This online counseling service is available throughout the USA, UK and Europe and world-wide. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you are ready to start online psychotherapy with Dr.Peter Strong.

I teach mindfulness therapy via Skype, which is an immensely effective way of overcoming all forms of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, as well as panic attacks and phobias.

You can expect to see major improvements after 3-4 sessions after you start applying the mindfulness methods that I will teach you. Simply email me via my website to arrange for a session. This service is available world-wide.

If you are struggling with anxiety or depression or an addiction then I definitely recommend you consider Skype counseling.

During these Skype counseling sessions I will teach you mindfulness-based methods for working with anxiety and depression and other difficult emotional problems.

Mindfulness therapy is immensely effective and it works very well online. It is all about learning how to change the way you relate to the mind, to thoughts and emotions and memories, whatever appears in the mind as mental objects.

The problem that most people have is that they do not have a conscious relationship with these mental objects. When the thoughts or emotions or memories get triggered we simply collapse into those mental objects. We lose our perspective, we lose our identity and we become overwhelmed.

This process, which we call Reactive identification, is really the primary cause of our suffering. It is not thoughts, it is not even the emotional reactions themselves that are the problem. It is the way we become identified with them. We lose our identity, we lose our perspective and we lose our ability to skillfully change and heal these parts of ourselves. We lose consciousness, in effect as we become identified with our thoughts and emotions.

Online therapist for anxiety and depression via Skype
Skype therapy for anxiety and depression

So, if you would like to learn more about mindfulness therapy an Skype counseling then simply email me. Send me an email and ask any questions you have and I will be happy to explain to you how mindfulness-based Skype counseling can really help you manage your anxiety or depression or addiction, or any other form of emotional suffering.

This approach is very effective in deed and my clients see benefits within 2-3 sessions of Skype counseling. It should not take years to change anxiety or panic attacks or depression. It is simply a process of changing the way you relate to the mind. When this changes then you will be able to facilitate the natural healing process by which anxiety and depression, fear or anger, or any other compulsive emotions can heal itself. It is creating the right conditions for healing. That’s the central focus of mindfulness therapy and it works incredibly well.

Email me to schedule a Skype counseling session for help with anxiety or depression.


Skype therapy - online therapist for anxiety and depression
Skype therapy – Talk to an online therapist for help with anxiety and depression

Skype Counseling Therapy

Skype Counseling Services

Skype Counseling Sessions

Counseling via Skype


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