Skype Therapists for Anxiety & Depression

Skype Therapists for Anxiety & Depression

If you are looking for a Skype therapist to help you overcome anxiety, depression or any other form of emotional suffering not requiring medical treatment then please CONTACT ME. Tell me about yourself and ask any questions you may have about this Skype Therapy Service. I am based in Colorado, but I see people world-wide.

Contact me via email to learn more about Online Psychotherapy sessions with me. During these Skype therapy sessions I will teach you how to use mindfulness for recovering from all forms of anxiety, chronic depression and other emotional problems. This approach is very effective and most people see significant reduction in the intensity of your anxiety or depression after the first 2-3 sessions with me. Online Mindfulness Therapy is extremely effective for controlling anxiety and depression without using medications. It is better to treat the cause of your emotional pain rather than just treating symptoms.

“Before my sessions with Dr Peter Strong, I suffered from depression. No matter what I tried, I got nowhere. It was like running around in a circle, I felt trapped.
In the first session, I found out my main problem; resisting and avoiding emotions. A few sessions later, I clearly noticed the difference in me. By mindfully accepting negative feelings, they are released and eventually replaced by positive ones.
I am a happier person now and have achieved much more in life. Enjoying life to the fullest!
Thank you Peter..”

There are now a growing number of Skype psychotherapists, but not so many that offer Mindfulness Therapy, which is my specialty and which works extremely well for resolving anxiety and depression. Obviously online therapy is convenient, which is one of its main attractions, but it is actually the only choice available if you suffer from agoraphobia, have driving anxiety or just find it difficult to leave home.

Skype Therapists – Online Therapy Sessions via Skype

Skype Therapists – Online Therapy Sessions through Skype

Playlist: Skype Therapists. Contact me to schedule a Skype therapy session for anxiety or depression.

Choose a Skype therapist when you don’t have access to a local psychotherapist or if you have heard about mindfulness therapy and would like to work with a mindfulness therapist like myself.

Skype Therapists – Online Therapy Sessions through Skype

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional psychotherapist, based in Boulder, Colorado and I offer online mindfulness therapy over Skype. So, online psychotherapy through Skype is becoming increasingly popular and there are now many Skype therapists who offer online psychotherapy for help with anxiety depression and other non-clinical psychological problems.

The style of psychotherapy that I offer is called mindfulness therapy and it’s very effective indeed for treating anxiety and depression and many other common psychological suffering that are caused by reactive thinking, by becoming overwhelmed by reactive and intrusive thoughts that feeds the underlying anxiety or depression. Mindfulness training is one of the best ways available to help you break these patterns of habitual reactive thinking and stop feeding reactive thinking. Then basically you’re taking the fuel away from the emotion underneath. So if you prevent that automatic habitual reactive thinking you essentially extinguish the anxiety or depression.

Sometimes we have to work with the underlying core emotions themselves and this is done also during mindfulness therapy sessions where we learn to change the way we relate to our emotions and instead of reacting to them with avoidance or resistance or aversion, we can instead cultivate a conscious, friendly relationship with our emotions, and this too is a very effective and a very important step in promoting the healing of anxiety depression.

So if you’re interested in working with Skype therapist like myself and you would like to learn more about mindfulness approach for treating anxiety and depression, then do please go to my website and then even e-mail me and we can schedule a Skype therapy session at a time that was you.

Seeing Skype therapists is a very good option if you are not finding the right kind of therapist to work with in your area. Or if you’re living abroad and can’t find a local psychotherapist to work with or if you are specifically interested in the mindful approach. There are a growing number of psychotherapists who are trained in the use of mindfulness but they are still not that widely available. Also there’s not a great understanding yet of what mindfulness actually is. Most people who teach mindfulness as part of the psychotherapy are really teaching and awareness skill, which is very useful and very important and a necessary first step for overcoming these patterns of a habitual reactive thinking, but mindfulness is much, much more than just awareness.

It is cultivating a particular quality of conscious relationship with your emotions and also with your thoughts. It’s learning to develop such a strong relationship with your mind that you become free from your mind, that is from thoughts and memories and emotions. Developing this inner freedom is the ultimate goal of mindfulness therapy and it’s essential, as I say, to develop this quality of relationship to undo those patterns of habitual reactivity that feeds your emotional suffering.

So please feel free to contact me if you would like to schedule a Skype therapy session. The service is available worldwide, and I see many people in Europe and further afield as well as in the USA. So I look forward to hearing from you and working with you and explaining to you how we can work using mindfulness therapy to overcome your anxiety or depression. Thank you.

Skype Therapists – Talk to a Therapist via Skype

Skype Therapists – Talk to a Therapist via Skype

Find a Skype Therapist for Anxiety, Depression or for help with an Addiction – Available throughout USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Middle East.

Welcome. If you are interested in working with a Skype therapist then you have come to the right site. I offer online therapy over Skype to help people work with anxiety, depression or addictions.

I find that Skype therapy is very, very effective indeed, especially for those conditions that I have just mentioned. Really, during Skype therapy sessions you will be learning techniques that will help you better manage your emotions and I will teach you how to break free from those emotional habits that create the anxiety or depression, or addiction.

The central process that we use for doing this is to develop what is called a mindfulness-based relationship with your emotions.

Our habit, of course, is to avoid our emotions, especially id they are painful emotions, but avoidance is not going to help the healing process. It is absolutely essential that you bring conscious awareness to your emotions. Emotions REQUIRE that state of conscious presence that we call mindfulness in order to change, transform and heal.

So, it’s by bringing mindfulness to your anxiety or your depression or your compulsion that we can begin to effect a change. We essentially learn how to meditate on our emotions. This is the key to the system of psychotherapy that I teach, which is called Mindfulness Therapy.

So, you will be learning how to sit with your emotions and develop this all-important mindful-based consciousness. When you can hold your emotions in that place of consciousness, without becoming overwhelmed by your emotions, and without becoming reactive toward your emotions then the emotions begin to heal.

Mindfulness actually promotes this natural healing process in which the energetic emotional state of the emotion will begin to become malleable and will begin to change itself into a more stable energetic structure.

We can actually help this process, not only by creating the mindfulness-based relationship with our emotions, but by actually investigating the structure of our emotions in more detail. And this means, specifically, looking at the emotional imagery – how you see the emotion in the mind is a primary factor that determines the intensity of the anxiety, depression or compulsion.

It’s the imagery that really governs the emotions. When we can uncover this imagery then we can investigate changing the imagery in a way that reduces the emotional intensity of the anxiety-producing thoughts or depression or the compulsion, itself. We can actually change the intensity by changing the imagery.

So, this is another really interesting part of the mindfulness system that I teach online, and that I will be teaching you during our online therapy sessions.

So, if you would be interested in working on your anxiety, depression or addiction, or other emotional problems, do please CONTACT ME. Go to my online therapy website and read more of the articles and watch more of the videos about Mindfulness Therapy and about seeing a Skype therapist for help with emotional issues, and when you feel ready you can contact me and we can schedule a trial Skype therapy session.

You will be quite surprised at how effective the online mindfulness therapy approach is. I will predict that you will see dramatic changes after that first session. The reason is simple. It is because we are focusing on changing the actual underlying process that causes your anxiety, depression, or other emotional problems. This approach of changing the underlying cause is very much more effective than just talking about your emotions as is the case with most forms of traditional counseling, or from trying to reduce symptoms through the use of medications. Conventional talk therapy and medications may reduce symptoms, but only on a temporary basis because they do not change the underlying process, the underlying cause of the anxiety, depression or compulsion.

CONTACT ME to schedule an online therapy session. Thank you.

Skype therapists specializing in mindfulness therapy

Skype therapists specializing in mindfulness therapy

Skype Therapist Specializing in Online Mindfulness Therapy

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional online therapist. I offer therapy via Skype to help you manage anxiety, depression, or addictions, or any other emotional problem.

The Mindfulness Therapy techniques that I specialize in have proven to be extremely effective for changing that underlying habitual process that creates your emotional suffering.

Medications only treat the symptoms. Talk therapy also may provide temporary relief but it doesn’t really change that underlying psychological process that creates the anxiety or depression. That’s what we focus on during these online therapy sessions.

If you contact me I will explain to you in more detail how this works. But basically, one of the principle strategies that we use during our Mindfulness Therapy sessions is to learn how to break free from that reactive process by which we become overwhelmed by the emotions that get triggered in the mind.

Learn more about Online Mindfulness Therapy for the treatment of Anxiety and Depression and for Addiction Counseling Online via Skype.

Skype therapists for anxiety and depression

Skype therapists for anxiety and depression

There are now a growing number of Skype therapists, psychotherapists and counselors available. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to take more charge of your psychological well-being and provides an alternative to medications. A good Skype therapist will teach you practical methods that you can use for reducing your anxiety or depression. I teach Mindfulness Therapy, which is one of the best choices available for the treatment of anxiety and depression. During our Skype therapy sessions I provide mindfulness training, which will teach you how to break free from the habitual reactive cycles of anxiety and depression. Most people see very significant improvements after the first 2-3 sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about Mindfulness Therapy and interested in learning more about Skype therapists in general and how Skype therapists can help you work with your emotions, please go to my website and read the articles and watch the other videos on my site and learn more about how to work with an online therapist.

If you would like to schedule a Skype counseling therapy session then please CONTACT ME, email me through the website and ask me any questions you have about the process of working with a Skype therapist and about how Mindfulness Therapy can help you with your specific needs, and when you feel ready we can schedule a session.

Most people really enjoy the mindfulness approach and most people can expect to see significant improvements after 2-3 sessions and, of course, after practicing the techniques that I teach you during the sessions at home. It’s what you do at home that really makes the difference, putting the mindfulness methods into practice to actually work with your emotions and thoughts on a daily basis; gradually training the mind to change that internal imagery and to see things in a different light altogether.

So please go to my website and CONTACT ME and let’s schedule an online therapy session. Thank you.

Skype therapists – Overcome Anxiety and Depression Now

Skype therapists – Overcome Anxiety and Depression Now

Online Therapist for Anxiety and Depression

Welcome. Are you looking for Skype therapists to work with? There are now many therapists that offer online psychotherapy using Skype or other video conferencing platforms. It’s becoming increasingly popular. On of the reasons for this is of course convenience. It is so much more convenient for you, the client to be able to organize a Skype therapy session from home, without having to travel to the therapist’s office. And, if you are living in a rural area, or living abroad, then there may not be therapists available in your local area, and so the idea of being able to talk to a therapist online over Skype is very attractive indeed.

So, when you are considering which Skype therapist to work with you should make sure that you can correspond with them first of all and get a sense of whether the particular therapist you are interested in is able to help you with your specific problems, that you feel like you have an understanding and some kind of relationship in which they care for your welfare. You want to find someone who is going to work with you on a personal level during these Skype therapy sessions.

There are now an increasing number of Skype therapists to choose from. But not all are necessarily going to offer you the service that you need. So, please make sure that you talk with them first of all, perhaps set up a trial session, like I offer, so you can get to know the therapist and determine for yourself whether this feels right for you.

The other thing too, when you are thinking about working with a Skype therapist is to have them explain in more detail the style of therapy that they offer online.

Some forms of psychotherapy work extremely well over Skype, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, and Mindfulness Therapy, which is what I teach online. These particular styles of therapy are really based very much on helping teach you practical tools for managing emotional reactivity and to manage cognitive reactivity as well.

So, if you are interested in Skype therapy and you would like to talk to a therapist online, do please go to my website and CONTACT ME and then we can schedule a Skype therapy session.

Working with Skype therapists is a wonderful opportunity, a different way of managing your emotional well-being and it works extremely well. So, please go to my website and CONTACT ME. Thank you.

Therapy by Skype - Skype Therapy Services
Therapy by Skype – Skype Therapy Services



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