Online Therapist for Panic Attacks

Online Mindfulness Psychotherapist for Help Overcoming Panic Attacks and Anxiety

Online Psychotherapist – See a Therapist Online via Skype for highly effective online therapy for Anxiety and Depression, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, Addictions, and other forms of emotional stress, including Post-traumatic stress. Email me to learn more about this online psychotherapy service and schedule a Skype session with me. Inquiries welcome.

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Online Therapist for Panic Attacks – Online Therapy for Panic Attacks

Online Therapist for Panic Attacks via Skype

Hello there! My name is Peter Strong of the Boulder Center for Mindfulness Therapy. Now, many of the people who seek my assistance here either in the office or online through Skype sessions come to me suffering from panic attacks and panic anxiety. This is by far the most common form of emotional suffering that people encounter in their lives.

online therapist for panic attacks and anxiety
Get help from an online therapist for panic attacks and anxiety

How to Stop Panic Attacks through Mindfulness Therapy

As a professional psychotherapist I’m often asked how to stop anxiety attacks, how to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed by anxiety and anxiety producing thoughts. In my experience the most important approach that will help you stop anxiety attacks is to learn how to embrace your thoughts with mindfulness. That means, essentially, developing a conscious and friendly relationship with your anxiety producing thoughts. So you must not fight them or avoid them. That will simply make them stronger. But once you start developing a friendly relationship to your thoughts, that will take that power away and it will also stop feeding those anxiety thoughts.

If you hold these thoughts in consciousness without reacting to it, long enough, that thought will always burn itself out. So we need to build mindfulness towards his thoughts. You are essentially teaching those thoughts to being themselves calm.

So that’s part of causing mindfulness therapy approach that I teach and there are many other aspects to mindfulness therapy that can be used to stop anxiety attacks and panic attacks, but that’s the principle, the central most important thing.

Another very common technique that I teach that really helps in this process of breaking free from the power of anxiety thoughts is to use visualization or imagery. We call this mindfulness based imagery reprocessing. So this is where you take the image of the thought and you make it extremely small, perhaps as small as a grain of sand. And then you take that grain of sand and you place it on the ground. If you make it small and you put it at a low level such as on the ground you will take away a great deal of its intensity because the key factor that causes thoughts to have emotional intensity is there size and their position, the imagery of the thought, itself.

So when we look at our thoughts with mindfulness, that brings in an element of choice where we can begin exploring ways of changing the size and the position of our thoughts. And the smaller they become the less intense they become, and if you put them at a lower level that will take away their intensity, as well. So that’s a simple technique using mindfulness based imagery reprocess that you can try for yourself.

If you find success with this method, please leave comments below. Do please contact me if you’d like to schedule Skype therapy sessions with me to learn more about how to stop anxiety attacks. Thank you.

Traditional talk therapy can be useful, but often common talk therapy does not alter the the underlying process that creates your depression or anxiety.

The same can be said for medications – the drug may relieve symptoms for a while, but medications are not effective for changing the underlying cause that produces the anxiety or depression.

The type of psychotherapy that I offer is known as Mindfulness Therapy, which can be very effective for overcoming anxiety and for treating chronic depression or other emotional issues resulting from conditioned negative thinking. Most of my clients see significant reduction in the level of anxiety and depression after 3-4 sessions of Skype Therapy.

Go to my website and email me to learn more about this online therapy service and to arrange for a Skype session with me.

This online psychotherapy service is available throughout the USA, UK and Western Europe and world-wide. All you need is a good internet connection and you are ready to start online therapy.

Managing Anxiety Attacks through Mindfulness Therapy

Online Therapy for Panic Attacks – How to Overcome Panic Attacks

It’s very important that you simply learn to, basically, meditate on your anxiety and depression. You’ve got to from a friendly relationship with all your your emotions. Nearly all of us, needless to say, react to our anxiety, depression or other negative emotions with avoidance and some form of aversion and avoidance to those negative emotions. We don’t like these unpleasant emotions and we attempt to destroy them. That is actually the worst thing you can possibly do, because this kind of reactivity makes the anxiety or depression grow and become more powerful. Any form of reactivity reinforces reinforcing the anxiety or depression.

What I have found, and many others in the area of Mindfulness Therapy have discovered, is that what actually creates emotional healing is when we are able to hold the emotion in our conscious awareness without reacting to the emotions with avoidance and aversion. When you are doing that you are learning how to actually be with the emotion without becoming reactive and without becoming overwhelmed by it. This trains the mind a totally different way of processing that emotion, and also this allows the emotion to change, to resolve and to transform itself.

So, if you are interested in online therapy, do please visit my site and e-mail me and then we can discuss whether this approach of mindfulness-based therapy is a good fit for your specific needs. So, see my therapy website and email me.

Skype therapy for anxiety and depression
Skype therapy for anxiety and depression – Talk to an online therapist for help with your Panic Attacks

Online Therapy for Panic Attacks

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Online Psychotherapy for Panic Attacks via Skype



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