Online Therapist for Anxiety | See huge improvements in 3 weeks or less

Online Therapist for Anxiety | See huge improvements in 3 weeks or less through Online Mindfulness Therapy

Please feel free to email me to learn more about talking to a therapist online via Skype help overcoming chronic anxiety.

During these Skype sessions I will teach you how to use mindfulness for healing all forms of anxiety, including Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, persistent depression, and addiction recovery and other emotional problems, by using the very successful techniques of Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy.

This approach is extremely effective and you will notice noticeable results after 3-4 sessions with me.

Online Mindfulness-based Skype Therapy is highly effective for controlling anxiety and depression without using medications. Treat the cause of your emotional suffering instead of just trying to manage symptoms.

The principle healing factors cultivated during Mindfulness Therapy are Conscious Awareness, which is vital for overcoming the psychological habits that cause psychological suffering, and Inner Compassion, which is what promotes healing and resolution of emotional pain.

“The insights that I have gained in the first two sessions of online counseling are proving invaluable. Now I can see a way through my anxiety for the first time. Mindfulness Therapy is amazing.”


Online Therapist for Anxiety | See huge improvements in 3 weeks or less

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong. I’m a professional psychotherapist specializing in Mindfulness Therapy for anxiety and also for depression. So if you’re looking for real change, that is changing the underlying cause of your anxiety, then I have developed a system called Mindfulness Therapy which is extremely effective. It’s the next stage in anxiety treatment after CBT.

CBT is a good approach because it helps you work with the actual cause, the mechanism of anxiety, in that case the underlying patterns of reactive thinking.

While Mindfulness Therapy certainly works on helping you break free from reactive thinking, it also helps you change the underlying emotion that is causing that reactive thinking. So in Mindfulness Therapy we take this opposite approach, if you like. We recognize that the emotion precedes the thoughts. If you have anxiety, that anxiety will manifest itself in the form of different anxiety thoughts.

Thoughts do not themselves cause anxiety. It’s the other way around. However if we become identified with reactive thoughts then that has the effect of feeding the underlying emotion, the underlying anxiety, and then that creates a circle, a positive feedback loop that simply feeds the anxiety and prevents it from subsiding, from healing, so then it becomes ongoing.

Mindfulness Therapy works by healing anxiety directly

So Mindfulness Therapy works very much at the level of the emotion itself, and that the primary way that we heal the underlying anxiety is by changing the relationship that we have with that anxiety. So typically, we have a very poor relationship with our painful emotions, whether that’s anxiety or depression or guilt or anger or stress or shame, whatever it might be.

We tend to run away from those emotions. We tend to push them away. We develop a fear-based relationship with our anxiety and, of course, if you react to anxiety with more fear then you will feed that anxiety. We typically try to push it away; we develop an inner hatred for that anxiety as well. Well, hatred is simply another form of fear. So again if you develop hatred for your anxiety you’ll end up feeding it and preventing it from healing.

So in Mindfulness Therapy we focus on developing a conscious and friendly relationship with our anxiety. This is what has been proven to work over and over again. The better the relationship that you create with your anxiety the quicker it will heal. So the two principal factors in that relationship have to be increased consciousness and increased friendliness or compassion.

Meditate on your anxiety

So the way we develop increased consciousness of our anxiety is to meditate on that anxiety, to put it in the center of our awareness, our attention, but to observe it as an observer. That’s quite different than simply allowing yourself to be overcome by the anxiety and identify with it.

We are learning to train out of that process of habitual identification so that we can see the anxiety without becoming anxious. So that’s the first part of our training and it’s really the central principle, if you like. If you can stop feeding the anxiety then that anxiety will heal and there is nothing that can stop that process of healing. So we learn to sit with the anxiety without becoming reactive. Then we develop this friendliness or compassion for the anxiety and that will accelerate the healing process many, many fold.

So this is equivalent to the exact process that you would do to heal the anxiety of a baby or a child or a hurt animal. You go to it and develop more consciousness to see more clearly what is causing that anxiety for the child or the baby or the animal. You then respond with friendliness and compassion, embracing that and helping that heal by interacting with a child or the animal. You interact in a process based on friendliness and consciousness, not reactivity and fear.

So this is what we need to develop internally, and meditation is the process for doing this. It’s not a way of trying to escape your suffering. That’s one form of meditation and it’s basically wrong as far as I’m concerned. So real meditation is about taking care of real problems, and your emotions, if they are suffering, they’re in a state of pain, they need your consciousness and compassion. They need you to meditate on them so you can help them change and heal.

online therapist for anxiety disorders

So developing this an internal relationship based on consciousness and compassion is vital. If you do that effectively then your anxiety will heal quite quickly even if you’ve been suffering from the anxiety for many years. Once you start to change your relationship to it, it will heal very quickly. You can overcome generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic attacks, OCD, and even agoraphobia, when you start to change the relationship that you have with those emotions.

Now in our sessions I will teach you how to do this. We will work very much in depth in developing this process of mindfulness-based healing. I will teach you how to meditate on your emotions. You’ll then practice that between sessions, and depending on how committed you are making real change will determine how quickly you change.

Online Skype counseling therapy sites - Speak to a therapist online via Skype for help with anxiety
Speak to a therapist online via Skype for anxiety

I usually tell everyone that I work with, you should expect to see major improvements within three to four sessions. If you do not then that’s either a problem of commitment on your part or it’s a problem of the wrong approach on the part of the therapist. So this is really important to understand. Do not engage in treatment-based approaches. Why? Because that does not change this fundamental relationship that you are trying to create with your anxiety.

Treating anxiety with medication is simply another way of cultivating ignorance and hatred of that anxiety. You’re not taking care of it with medications you’re just papering over the symptoms. That is not going to work. It may provide short-term relief, but that’s not what we’re interested in. We are interested in long term healing so that you do not suffer from anxiety anymore. That’s our goal and it’s a very realistic goal.

So never let anyone tell you that you have to live with your anxiety forever. That is wrong. It simply indicates an improper understanding of the cause of anxiety and an improper approach to the resolution of your anxiety. So that’s important.

If you’d like to get started with me then please email me and let’s schedule some sessions. All my sessions are based on satisfaction. I do not charge up front. And if you are not satisfied with the first session then there’s no payment. It is as simple as that. You generally will be very satisfied of course and you will see some changes even after the first session. And as you start to apply the tools that I teach you will gain greater and greater confidence and your anxiety will continue to heal very quickly.

I have worked with hundreds of people over the years and mindfulness-based therapy is definitely the way to go. It’s very natural; it will feel very natural for you. It basically will give you tools that you can apply to many different areas of your life to improve the quality of your life. I

t’s really about teaching you how to grow. So anxiety, I do not regard that as a disorder. It’s simply giving you material for growing and becoming stronger and becoming more conscious and more compassionate and your life. It is a vehicle for training.

Skype therapist for anxiety and depression
Online therapy via Skype for anxiety and depression

So if you would like to learn more about how to work with your anxiety using mindfulness, then please email me. People love the idea of online therapy. It’s so convenient. It’s so empowering for you. And being able to talk to a therapist online using Skype is just as good as talking to a therapist in person.

You have to be able to see each other. That’s just common sense. You need to see each other for effective communication. But if you can see each other then there’s no difference whether it’s in person or through Skype. So all my sessions are done through Skype. So if you would like to get started with me please email me now. Thank you.


Online therapy for anxiety via Skype
Online therapy for anxiety via Skype




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