Online Counseling Service

Online Counseling Service

Peter Strong, Online Therapist. Online Counseling Online Therapy

Peter Strong, PhD Professional Online Therapist

Online Counseling or Internet Therapy is becoming increasingly popular for people who want to change their patterns of anxiety, depression or emotional stress, but want to be more in charge of the process rather than taking on the “role” of a patient. There are of course mental illnesses that would not benefit from online therapy, but for most ordinary people who do not have a mental disease, online psychotherapy is a good option. It is also a very convenient option for many. I often work with clients suffering from agoraphobia and social anxiety who would find it very challenging to leave the security of their homes to travel to a therapist’s office. It is so much more convenient to have a session with an Online Therapist in the comfort of your own home or even at work. many busy business executives now use the internet to work on stress management.

Online Counseling Service

With Skype, you can have a personal, live, face-to-face session with an online therapist and feel like you are in the same room.

On-Line Psychotherapy, e-counseling and net-therapy are becoming really popular. It’s convenient, affordable and proven successful. The focus is on providing you with the tools to better manage your depression, anxiety, pressure and other difficult emotions.

Mindfulness Therapy is among the very most promising strategies for allowing you to understand the best way to focus on making changes in the core level; rather different that simply talking about your problems, which is not very efficient for solving emotional reactions that are persistent. Should you feel trapped, Mindfulness Therapy helps you get unstuck; in the event you are feeling too worried and anxious, Mindfulness Therapy helps you find inner equilibrium; if you feel over-stressed, Mindfulness Therapy helps you neutralize your habitual stress responses; in the event you have problems with melancholy, Mindfulness Therapy helps you neutralize the negative self-talk and thinking. Above all, Mindfulness Therapy makes an internal healing space, the space of mindful awareness that allows emotions unwind to unfold and be malleable again. Mindfulness allows emotional suffering conclude, transform and to change.

There are many novels written on the healing effect of mindfulness, including my own personal novel on the issue called The Path of Mindfulness Meditation, which relies on years of investigation and working with clients. Other writers who have written on the subject of the healing use of mindfulness include Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, who developed a phenomenally successful therapy program called Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the Stress Reduction Clinic of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. After this led to the development of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in collaboration with Dr Williams and others in the University of Oxford. The power of mindfulness as an instrument for easing psychological healing is getting a good deal of respect and popularity. This would certainly cause the Buddha for cultivating wholesome actions, to smile, as he more than just about any other man in history instructed concerning the application of mindfulness and for freeing the mind from the anguish that we create through our patterns of blind habitual reactivity.
This is the reason it is known as Mindfulness Meditation Therapy (MMT).
All of us know how reactivity simply makes things worse and just serves to strengthen our anguish, along with those around us. Nicely mindfulness is the antidote: It stops the proliferation of reactivity and after that creates this inner healing space in which the mental energy which is becoming adhered can become fluid again, leading to healing and beneficial change. This healing process has been described by some customers as being like glowing rays of sun onto a block of ice. The ice (frozen psychological energy) simply melts and the water becomes fluid again and becomes accessible to nourish the earth (your psyche). It describes the healing effect of creating inner freedom through mindfulness, and is a lovely picture.

Peter Strong, PhD is a Professional Online Psychotherapist and specialist in Mindfulness Therapy. He offers Online Counseling via Skype for Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Stress.

Visit Email Inquiries Welcome.

You can learn more about Mindfulness by reading his book, ‘The Path of Mindfulness Meditation‘ (


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