Mindfulness Therapy Over Skype

Mindfulness Therapy Over Skype

Online Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy via Skype

Contact me if you would like to arrange for online mindfulness therapy over Skype – This is a really good choice for working with anxiety or depression. Most of my clients much prefer online therapy because it is more private than conventional in-person psychotherapy.

The Mindfulness Therapy approach that I use is very effective and most of my clients typically see results after far fewer sessions than is usually needed for conventional symptom-based talk therapy or counseling. The focus is on transforming and healing the underlying cause rather than just treating symptoms.

Therapy through Skype for Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Therapy over Skype – Online Psychotherapy via Skype

Welcome!. My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional mindfulness-based online therapist. I provide therapy through Skype for the treatment of anxiety, depression and for help with recovery from addictions, as well.

Therapy through Skype is particularly convenient, of course. It means you don’t have to leave home and that is very important if you are suffering from anxiety or agoraphobia or if you have driving example, for example, then it is really difficult to leave home.

So, this therapy through Skype service that I offer is designed to help you get the help that you need from the comfort of your own home. It is also very effective if you are living abroad as well. Then you may prefer some form of therapy over Skype because the local choices are just not suitable. I do have many clients who I work with, living abroad as far away as Singapore, or the Philippines, many in Western Europe of course and in the UK.

People like the online therapy approach. It is just more empowering for you, it is about helping you learn very specific and practical methods to manage anxiety or depression or to recover from an addiction. This is what you really need, much more than just talking about your emotions or trying to mask the symptoms through medications.

The Mindfulness Therapy service that I provide over Skype is really designed to help you change the underlying process of reactive thinking that creates your anxiety or depression. Once you change that, then the symptoms of anxiety and depression diminish, including the physical symptoms in the body, as well.

So, if you would like to learn more about therapy through Skype, do please EMAIL ME and tell me about yourself and how I can help you, and when you are ready, we can schedule a Skype therapy session at a time that suits you.

I have several spaces open during the week and they tend to fill up quite quickly, of course, but it is usually quite easy to fins a time to schedule you in, usually within a week. So, do please CONTACT ME NOW and reserve your Skype therapy session with me. Thank you!

Therapy over Skype - Online Counseling Therapy via Skype for Anxiety & Depression
Online Therapy over Skype for anxiety is very effective

Mindfulness Therapy over Skype for Anxiety & Depression

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I provide online mindfulness therapy over Skype.

Therapy over Skype using Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness Therapy is a very, very effective way of dealing with anxiety and also depression. The reason why it is so effective is because it is the most direct method there is for actually changing the pathways that create anxiety and depression in the mind.

The primary cause of anxiety and depression is habitual reactive pathways of avoidance and resistance to anxiety or depression or any other emotions, for that matter, that become chronic.

When we inadvertently establish these patterns of avoidance and aversion, it effectively prevents the anxiety or depression from healing. It simply feeds those emotional habits.

With Mindfulness Therapy, we start to actually bring the opposite of avoidance and the opposite of resistance to those emotions that need our help. We cultivate conscious awareness of our anxiety or depression and we also develop compassion and friendliness towards those emotions.

We start to see that those emotions are simply parts of our self that is in pain and that requires our compassion and our conscious awareness in order to heal themselves.

If we set up pathways of avoidance and resistance then we set up pathways that prevent those emotions from ever healing.

During Mindfulness Therapy sessions, we learn very practical and very direct methods for developing this extremely important relationship based on consciousness and friendliness, or compassion. This combination of consciousness and friendliness, or compassion, is the definition of mindfulness.

When you bring this quality of mind to emotional suffering, it heals. Then the emotions actually learn how to heal themselves through connection with this consciousness and friendliness that you establish. That is what they need to heal.

The best analogy here would be: think of a child. If a child is in pain, what doe it most need to heal that pain, that emotional suffering? The answer is that it most needs is connection with its parents, with its mother or father. That connection allows it to access the consciousness and compassion and friendliness of the parent, which allows that emotion to resolve itself within the child.

So, this quality of connection between your True Self, which is like the parent, and your emotional suffering, anxiety, depression, whatever it may be, which is like the child. This quality of connection is what really creates the proper psychological conditions that lead to healing, and this is what is required for anxiety and depression to resolve themselves. You are teaching the emotions how to resolve themselves through access to your True Self.

This is what I have found, over and over again, to be the most important thing there is that you can do.

If you would like to learn more about therapy over Skype using mindfulness, go to my website and read more about Mindfulness Therapy. If you would like to schedule a Skype therapy session with me, then simply email me and we can arrange a time that works for you.

I see people all over the world who have a specific interest in mindfulness and how to apply mindfulness for healing emotional suffering. So, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Mindfulness Therapy over Skype. See an online therapist. Mindfulness Psychotherapy Online over Skype. Mindfulness Meditation Therapy - Learn mindfulness meditation online via Skype
Mindfulness Therapy over Skype

Using mindfulness to treat anxiety and depression – Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Online

Using mindfulness to treat anxiety and depression – Mindfulness Meditation Therapy Online

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I’m a professional online mindfulness therapist. I teach mindfulness for the treatment of anxiety and depression. If you’d like to learn more about how to use mindfulness for treating anxiety and depression do please go to my website, and you’re welcome to e-mail me with any questions you have about the mindfulness therapy approach that I use and if you want to start work with me you can simply indicate that in your email and we can schedule an online therapy session via Skype at a time that works for you.

So mindfulness is immensely effective for treating a range of anxiety disorders as well as depression and also addiction. The key component to all of these emotional disorders is the step that is known as Reactive Identification. This is where we become identified with our emotional reactions, with our thoughts and with our beliefs. We become essentially captivated by them, we become imprisoned by our mind, by our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs and our memories.

The training that I will teach you is learning how to sit with your emotions, with your thoughts, memories and perceptions without becoming identified with them so they can be present in the mind, but you don’t become sucked into your emotions or thought patterns. This is an absolutely essential step in the recovery process from anxiety, depression and addiction. You must hange your relationship to your mind, essentially.

We do this by actually learning how to meditate on our emotions, on our thoughts, on our mind. Most of the time we try to escape unpleasant feelings, unpleasant emotions, unpleasant thoughts. We try to avoid them. We might even try to use meditation as a way of avoiding the mind and that is what I would consider wrong practice.

We need to meditate on the mind if you want to establish some kind of freedom from the impact of habitual emotional reactions. I’ll teach you how to do this. It is quite easy and when you take this approach of actually facing your emotions and your thoughts you will notice significant improvements in a relatively short time because you’re taking the problem head on. Most of my clients see dramatic changes after three to four sessions with me.

I will teach you how to do this, how to apply mindfulness for treating anxiety and depression. I will teach you how to use mindfulness meditation for anxiety and depression and give you the tools that you can practice your self, and that’s the most important thing about mindfulness training. It gives you the tools to better manage your emotional and psychological well-being.

So, if you would like to learn more please go to my website and send me an e-mail and tell me about your interest in using mindfulness to treat anxiety and depression. Thank you.


You might also like to watch this video about online therapy over Skype:

The online therapy approach is both very effective as well as very convenient. Most of my clients live abroad or in areas of the US where the local options are limited for psychotherapy. Also, most of my clients have heard about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation and are particularly interested in this approach as an alternative to conventional Western-style talk therapy, with its emphasis on treatments and medications. Most people don’t need treatments, they need to learn better skills for working with their mind, which is exactly what I focus on during online therapy.

Welcome! My name is Peter Strong and I am a professional online therapist and I provide therapy over Skype for anxiety and depression and other emotional difficulties.

Therapy over Skype is a very convenient way to get the help that you may be looking for, but I think it has a lot of other advantages too. First of all, if you are suffering from anxiety then it is very difficult and challenging to leave home and go and see a therapist. For people with anxiety, that is just too much for much of the time and they will not seek help because of that barrier. So Skype therapy has a much lower barrier for you the client. It is just a lot more relaxed and friendly and practically oriented. It is not clinical.

Skype therapy is a way of really learning very practical and well-tested mindfulness-based strategies for overcoming long-standing patterns of anxiety or chronic depression or even for recovery from addiction.

The Mindfulness Therapy approach is all about helping you look at the process itself that creates those emotional states; the internal imagery, for example, that is at the heart of all emotions.

We investigate the structure of your emotions, the structure of your emotional imagery using mindfulness.

The more conscious you become, the more that you see the structure of how you actually create that anxiety or depression in the mind the more you can change those habitual processes.

Anxiety and depression are habits; they are simply learned habits, and like any habit, it thrives on unawareness, not being seen. But once you start to investigate that habit and shine conscious awareness on it, or mindfulness, then the habit begins to change itself. You can help it change its structure and break free from those patterns of emotional reactivity.

It is actually much easier than you might think. The defining factor is really looking at your emotions and seeing how they work. This is quite different than talk therapy or standard counseling. We are not here to talk about our emotions so much as we want to change the process that creates the emotions.

Talk therapy has its place, but it only really provides a temporary relief from the symptoms of anxiety or depression; it doesn’t really change that underlying process that creates the anxiety.

So, that is what we do during the mindfulness therapy sessions that I offer online through Skype. So, if you are interested in therapy over Skype with me, please go to my website and simply email me. Ask any questions you have and then we can schedule a Skype therapy session at your convenience to help you break free from patterns of emotional suffering. Thank you!


Therapy over Skype for Anxiety and Depression - Therapy through Skype for anxiety and depression
Skype Counseling Therapy over Skype for Anxiety and Depression




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