How do I deal with crippling depression?

Mindfulness Therapy for Healing Depression

You should seek professional help from a therapist who can teach you skillful methods for working with the underlying habitual patterns of reactive thinking and negative beliefs that feed depression. I recommend online mindfulness therapy for this. Mindfulness training is extremely effective for depression and anxiety as well.


Online mindfulness therapy for anxiety & depression – Talk to a therapist online

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Welcome to the fascinating world of Mindfulness Therapy. Mindfulness Therapy is one of the more modern forms of Cognitive Therapy, or CBT. The main focus in Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy is to change the underlying patterns of habitual reactive thinking and reactive emotions that create our anxiety, depression and stress.

A very large part of mindfulness work is learning to recognize these patterns, to seeing how they work, and in becoming aware of them, we begin to break free of them quite naturally through that awareness. This is called the Recognition Function of Mindfulness. But, mindfulness offers much more than this.

It is also about cultivating a positive relationship with our emotional suffering, with our anxiety, with those places inside which hurt. Research has shown over and over again that if you resist or avoid your emotional suffering it will simply feed and get stronger. But, if you create an environment around that emotion based on acceptance, friendliness and compassion, then that provides the right conditions in which those emotions will begin to change and heal. This is a very large focus in Mindfulness Therapy, establishing the right kind of relationship with your emotions that allows them to heal.

So, that’s a little bit about Mindfulness Therapy. Now, what about the online component of the service that I offer? Well, Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness Therapy are very much based on teaching and on practical work that you do as a client, because this is your process of learning to work with your emotions. The function of the therapist is simply to guide you in that objective, and this works very well through the online format of Skype, and actually there are studies that show that it actually enhances the process because it’s much less intimidating than seeing the therapist in his or her office.

Online therapists for anxiety and depression
Online therapists for anxiety and depression

Online Mindfulness Therapy for Depression


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