How can I get rid of this chronic anxiety and depression?

One of the most effective ways to manage chronic anxiety and depression is to learn how to apply mindfulness to help heal anxiety and depression.

Skype Counseling & Therapy – Online Therapy Service – Talk to a Psychotherapist online over Skype for effective online mindfulness therapy for Anxiety and Depression, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, Addictions, and other forms of emotional stress, including Post-traumatic stress. Skype-based Mindfulness Therapy is particularly effective for overcoming anxiety.

Conventional counseling can be useful, but often common talk therapy does not alter the habitual psychological process that creates your emotional suffering.

This also applies to the use of medications – the anti-anxiety medication may provide a temporary relief from symptoms for a while, but medications are not effective for healing the underlying psychological process that produces your emotional suffering.

Watch: Online Therapy for Anxiety & Depression – Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype

The kind of psychotherapy that I provide is known as Mindfulness Therapy, which can be very successful for handling chronic anxiety and for treating chronic depression or other psychological difficulties caused by conditioned reactive thinking. Most of my students notice significant reduction in the level of anxiety and depression after the first couple of sessions of Online Therapy.

Go to my website and contact me to learn more about this online psychotherapy service and to organize an online therapy session with me.

Online therapy via Skype
Online therapy via Skype

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