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Skype Therapy – Online Counseling Service – Speak with a Psychotherapist online through Skype for effective online treatment for Depression and Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder and Agoraphobia, Addictions, and other emotional problems, including PTSD. Skype-based Mindfulness Therapy is extremely effective for overcoming anxiety.

Old style talk therapy can be useful, but often common talk therapy does not look at the the underlying process that is the real cause of your anxiety and depression.

The same can be said for medications – the anti-anxiety medication may provide a temporary relief from symptoms for a while, but medications are not able to heal the underlying cause that produces your emotional suffering.

The style of psychotherapy that I provide is called Mindfulness Therapy, which is quite powerful for managing anxiety disorders and for treating depression and other emotional problems caused by habitual reactive thinking. Most of my students see significant reduction in the level of anxiety and depression after the first couple of sessions of psychotherapy via Skype.

Go to my website and email me to learn more about this online counseling service and to book an online Skype session with me.

This online counseling therapy service is available throughout the USA, UK and Western Europe and world-wide. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you are ready to start Skype therapy.

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Where can i go to speak to a therapist online? Online therapy sessions for anxiety and depression.
Talk to a therapist via Skype -Online therapy sessions for help with anxiety and depression

Author: pdmstrong

Peter Strong, PhD specializes in Online Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy offered via Skype. He is a spiritual teacher and author of 'The Path of Mindfulness Meditation' (avail. Amazon and on Kindle). He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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